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  1. Have I been robbed?

    I bought my 99 vara three years ago for £2100. I spent a fair bit on it, added crash bars, panniers, top box, new hagon shock, 12v sockets and some minor things like light bulb upgrades and smaller bendy indicators. - overall probably about 400 quids worth. I added 15k miles over the years...
  2. Robbed again

    A month ago some scrote broke into 29 caravans in the storage yard including mine :angry7: Only minimal damage to mine ( a few broken clips on the window) Then last Monday they came back and did 8 including mine again, this time they broke the window ,the clips and 3 blinds before making of...
  3. Robbed or what?

  4. New Tread robbed?

    Africa Twin
    Just paid 160 quid for pair of tyres for my AT, wow thought that was super bike prices? i had to remove and fit wheels myself or it would have been more :shock: Oh yeah, they are standard size Annakees, hope they good in the wet?