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  1. DR 650- first impressions

    Hi all, anyone got some useful insights into a DR 650? all day comfort, stiing on a motorway, economy, robust in a drop, quality of finish, all that kind of thing would help. Thanks
  2. Black Fairing Panel

    Hi there I slipped on Diesel and although these bikes are incredibly robust, I have large scratches on the right Fairing on my Transalp 650 (2001). This happened some time ago and Ive been constantly looking on Ebay with no joy and therefore would appreciate if anyone could recommend where I...
  3. 16K service

    How vital is it to do the 16k mile valve clearance check/fix on the Vara if the bike has been regularly serviced prior to this time? I know that the bucket and shim setup is very robust but dare it be left for say, 18-20K?
  4. DR 350 vs XR 250

    Hi all, any of you suzy guys help me out, looking to see how the DR350 stacks up against the XR 250, muddy bimbles is the name of my game. Can't afford a DRZ400 so how does the older ands wiser one go (kickability robustness and economy all useful info- Thanks in advance.
  5. Robust Can?

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks... Wouldn't mind all your good opinions on a replacement Can... Most important is it's longevity and robustness... A performance increase might be nice, so would a Black one... Road Legal obviously, not to loud and not concerned about removable baffles... Prepared to pay for...