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  1. CRF250X crankcase cover broke! Help needed....

    CRF - New Forum!
    Second post..... Nightmare!☹️ I have cracked the crankcase cover (rhs) and clutch case cover after hitting a rock. Does any know if the crankcase cove from a CRF250R will fit on the X?? It's a 2005 model. They do look very similar but the Honda part numbers differ somewhat. Cheers Jack
  2. AfricaTwin club on a rock concert for Rory Gallagher

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Saturday night we had the pleasure to watch a live concert for Rory Gallagher from the band of friends. Great rock music along with great performance
  3. RD02 Wiring diagram

    Dominator / FMX
    Christmas greetings from Denmark. I am working on my christmas wish list from Santa. I need a wiring diagram for my 1994 RD02, I have a sparky on standby ready to do my flat trackers loom and we need a colour diagram in english(not her first language) so she can get to work.:thumbup: Danish...
  4. Strange rock on Skye

    Took this last week Old man of Storr, near Portree :thumbup: Normally covered in mist, but not last week :D
  5. Maybe save your rear brake lever by turning it up

    Less likely to ruin your brake lever on a rock or something. Works just as good as down below the swing arm.
  6. Wrinkly Rockers

    Was never a great fan of the Stones, liked them, but never a huge follower. However, this latest single is superb - raw rock played by a bunch of guys that should be collecting their pensions by now. Here it is Fair do's to the guys for not letting...
  7. How can anyone do this?

    Heard from a friend in High Wycombe that word is the rock was placed deliberately :(:(:(:(. Motorcyclist dies after hitting rock in road (From Bucks Free Press) Why on earth do people do things like that??? :(
  8. Radio Signal

    Hi Peeps (Kymmy might be able to help too) I listen to Real XS (formerly Rock Radio - Salford based rock radio station) On the way along the M56 westbound or eastbound I lose the signal around the Frodsham Marshes, Ellesmere Port / Stanlow Oil Refinery etc between J12 and J14 The signal drops...
  9. alternative to rock salt

    i've heard cat litter can be used instead of rock salt. i have 2 posssible theories on how it works :- 1 it simply adds more grip to the slippy stuff. 2 it encourages all the local cats to p##s on it so melting the slippy stuff. if you have any more ideas please comment.
  10. Help. Rock snapped off bolt on axle holder.

    Some help would be appreciate. i think the answer might be new forks. 2003 Xr650r Basically the 4 nuts on the front axle - a rock bounced up and hit one. snapping the nut and the thread clean off. so am left with 3 nuts holding it in place. Do i need new forks or can the thread be...
  11. Northern Rock

    Poetry in motion
  12. What`s your idea of 'Paddy Rock' ??

    I`m DJing at a local Rock Club tonight.......basically Classic 80`s Rock. Someone commented that as it`s St. Patrick`s Day,maybe I should play some 'Paddy Rock' as well. So,come on then.........what`s YOUR idea of Paddy Rock ???
  13. rock hard africa twin rider???

    On my travels down the A1 thursday morning about 9amI spotted a black africa twin going northbound between newark and markham moor. Notts. Any of u posse? Must be a rock hard @T rider....Comp in truck was showing -5. Was most thankfull of the heated seats to warm the leather going to work...