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  1. First off road shakedown...

    Took the Alp for its first off road shakedown today, nothing fell off (including me) so that's a start! :D Just a few local tracks around Calver in the Peaks Wet slippy rocks and mud were the order of the day! Ten points to anyone who can name the tracks!
  2. Get yer rocks off

    Spotted several of these on the way to the Stella Alpina - Beware falling stones Spotted this on the way down from the Jafferau tunnel ....... Remember to wear your helmet!!! Paul
  3. Osteopathy rocks!

    Having spent an hour half-naked in a room with a large rugby player earlier this week I am a complete convert to the osteopathy cause. After six months of aches and stooping I walked out of there and when I got home hit my head on a lampshade I'd never noticed before. Marvellous! If you have...
  4. bonkers

    this has to be seen to be believed. basejumping in china. Chinese Scenes watch how close they get to the rocks when they fly though the V.
  5. Wake me up......

    I know this should be in the charities section but so many from here have been on a ride of respect I thought I'd place this here Lest we forget Wootton Bassett Rocks! Wake Me Up When September Ends - YouTube
  6. toyota on the rocks !!!

    i'd love to read the insurance claim for this. ;);) Five-tonne boulder falls on car - Yahoo! Cars
  7. Nostalgia rocks!!

    Suddenly got the urge to listen to soundtracks from my youth and found this: personally think its a great score and that Bob Hoskins p!sses on modern-day gangster characters!! I like!! Then found this as a result: YouTube - Soundtrackcollector's Channel
  8. Filtering Rocks

    The A12 was a total mare tonight. Police had a large section closed due to a gentleman on a roof in leytonstone threatening to jump onto the A12. (all the houses on Grove green road have back gardens - not sure why they thought he would actually reach the road!!). I joined a snake of bikes...
  9. Battle damage..Don't argue with rocks

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This is my mates AT bashplate after he ploughed into a large boulder in the Todra Gorge in Morocco. He had already struck a car sized one on the way to this one with his left pannier. His left pannier was ripped off. I am modelling the remains of his left Touratech metal pannier in the second...