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  1. Wanted: good condition con rods rd07

    For Sale / Wanted
    please help if you can i need two decent con rods for an engine rebuild. please help if you can. thanks
  2. con rod wanted please can anyone help

    Africa Twin
    i desperately need 1 or 2 new con rods the little end is knackered on mine and cant be repaired . has anyone got one please . . i have had very little luck with this bike so far so some good news would be gratefully received can anyone help best regards
  3. Anyone used Durafix Aluminium brazing rods

    Bodgers Corner
    Not so much a bodge, more something a bodger might find useful. Came across these while researching fabrication methods for some potential bodges I have in mind and thought I'd post it up for comment. - Durafix England So, has anyone used these or similar before? If so, what did you think of...
  4. Lumiweld rods

    Mechanical Advice
    Lumiweld Kit (5 rods) (W150) - Frost Auto Restoration Techniques ive seen them playing with beer cans and endcans at shows and stuff, it looks very impressive, ive wanted to play too but ive always been put off by the price. ive got quite a few projects where this stuff could be a godsend so...