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  1. African Adventurer

    Hello everyone, we are Rob and Ben the administrators of Rogue Terrain Bike Tours, we have been on this forum as Robjoe twins but hardly got the chance to fully utilise and participate in the forum due to working crazy hours and also being out of the county most of the time.My good friend Carl...
  2. Regulator draining battery

    My '02 plate XL1000V has started draining it's battery. I've measured a 0.7A current with the key out, which has no problems flattening the 12Ah battery sharpish. So after a quick bit of diagnostics with the Haynes electical diagram I've focussed on the regulator. Disconnecting the regulator...
  3. Meesh's motorcycle adventures

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, I understand that some of you have been waiting for this. So here it is... my latest MOTORCYCLE adventures! Hope you enjoy... Meesh’s first two days with her new motorbike - Ben! I got up early and rushed to look out of the window. Was it real? Had Ben really come to me yesterday? My...
  4. It's just not cricket

    Who the hell are these murderers? Pakistan appears to be a worse "rogue nation" than Iraq, Iran or South Korea yet we pretend they are our allies.
  5. It made me laugh

    Just gotta tell you this true story that happened to me on the west coast last week. I was trying to get in touch with a young crofter called Hamish to see about getting access through his land for a new contract. Hamish is a likeable rogue, always up to some mischief. Anyway, I went to his...
  6. Crackin' day for a ride

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Met up with a couple of members & a couple of non members for a ride around western Norfolk today. :glasses7: Weather was excellent for the AT, 3 TA's & single rogue CBF1000 but no aeroplanes in sight at Lakenheath. A good mix of fast A & B roads. Let's hope it's not the last of this weather for...
  7. Damn Spyware!!!!

    Just been fighting two spyware infections for the last few hours that got past my normally good defences. 1# A BHO in IE7 that was popping up ads dependant on whatever I put into the address line. Disabling it and removal attempts of the DLL behind this gave me nothing, in the end a util...