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  1. RD04 Scratching noise when pulling clutch

    Africa Twin
    Hi :) I have an RD04 from 1990 with 67000kms on the clock. The last couple of days I have started to notice a scratching sound from the engine when I pull the clutch and let I roll to a traffic light or something. Everything sounds perfect in neutral and when driving that's why I am worried...
  2. RD07 Thermostat/ cooling issue.

    Africa Twin
    OK so I'm on a roll now asking questions! Bike warms up lovely when stationary, temperature gauge showing where it should be however, as soon as I start riding gauge drops to zero. I'm guessing that either a/ Thermostat knackered b/ Thermostat doesn't exist. If either a or b I need to replace...
  3. 600 Sidestand

    Quick question,,,,,,,,,,, my 600 TA will roll forwards and allow the sidestand to fold up on the slightest of downhill slopes, should the stand lock in place somehow? or do I just have to remember to park her in gear?
  4. Q: Transalp 650 too soft front

    Hi all, i'm having a problem when going thru the small bumps.. front fork goes all the way down and hit my roll bar.. Can i do smth to fork with other oil? Or should i go with new springs?
  5. RD07A Water pump weep hole

    Africa Twin
    Hi fitting new chain/ oil change etc yesterday have noticed that I have a very small ,really small weep of coolant from weep hole .It would be only a single drip gathering at the lowest part of the waterpump casing over a 24 hr period ,have placed kitchen roll below area and nothing over night...
  6. XR400 Conks out

    Hi guys, a quick one. I've been trying to resolve my XRs fueling problem for a while now. It's main issue is that it conks out. If I rev it and let the throttle snap back, it tends to simply die. Whereas if I gently roll off, it stays running. I'm running #168 main and #62 pilot jets, clip...
  7. Time to update my signature.

    Watched the 9s roll over as I was crossing the Tamar yesterday. Looking forward to the next 10k. Not the greatest pic. There's a piece of crud obscuring the hundred thousand miles.
  8. Another one - Woohoo!

    Dominator / FMX
    Happy as Larry, I've just scooped another Vigor. Only 14000 miles on it and ready to roll. You know what they say - "there's only one thing better than having two Vigors and that's having three Vigors!" :happy6:
  9. Topbox

    This is probably idiotic....but the alp seems much more responsive...more agile without a topbox on the this me imagining things or is there a real reason for this...I would imagine the few kg of an empty topbox should not be felt especially since I have toured with full luggage...
  10. How do you.......

    How do you..... A/ Get the big Dero on to it's main stand without having a heart attack or a hernia? Got a second hand 05 VA Dero which came complete with the Honda main stand and topbox plus panniers. I want to lubricate/ adjust the rear chain without having to roll it backwards and forwards...
  11. A Proud Father writes ...

    A Proud Father writes; My Son and his West Cork Chums ... The TreeSleepers - Say Yes To Everything - Genre: Rock/Funk/Ska with a dash of gypsy. Rotten Roll. This is West Cork HomeBrew and it's Music for Dancing! - TreeSleepers' Home page -...
  12. For Sale: xrv750 trip meter

    For Sale / Wanted
    before it goes on fleabay, anyone interested. Condition 95/100, the white flecks are from the Kitchen roll used to dust off, otherwise mint condition. Reasonable offers please. also have good condition carbs off a "low milage 97 @" bought to solve my popping issue. found to be a nipped...
  13. Sticky clutch under acceleration

    Africa Twin
    AT has 32k miles on it Noticed on my last ride (Ypres 300 miles there) and on the rides before then that when changing gear if I have been riding for a few hours or accelerating hard it won't go into the next gear, I have to roll off the throttle and try again This isn't every gear change just...
  14. Kent Motorcycles Ltd.

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Recently purchased a bike from these guys and I am very impressed with their services. Walked into their shop the very first time an I was welcomed with a smile, a tea and a bacon roll......! Dealing with Hadrian, Dave and the rest of the team was easy and very straight forward. In my personal...
  15. Springtime Sunshine

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Took the opportunity to skive off and enjoy the Spring Sun for a few hours today Decided to have a run up to Leyburn for a spot of lunch and take in a few lanes on the way Not long before I came across a fallen tree, luckily there was just enough room to squeeze under Amaizing...
  16. Cold Starting Problems. Fuel pump?

    Africa Twin
    Hey Again Gang, Have always had minor challenges getting my AT started if She sits for more than a day without being started. Always turns over quite strongly but fails to ignite and using choke make no difference (not sure its actually working although once started the revs do climb if I test...
  17. how do?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I just bought my first Dominator, 1994 in pretty good nic but has been kept outside and not run for a bit. After charging the battery it fires up but with the clutch pulled and put in first it stalls. Dont know if the clutch has stuck or what. If I roll it down hill in first will it loosen...
  18. One for the trolls

    We've hired our new Troll finder general English boxer Curtis Woodhouse turns up on the doorstep of his Twitter troll | Sport |
  19. Suspension Linkage

    Africa Twin
    Hello; Whilst the shock is off for a service and respringing session, I took off the linkage. The bearings seem OK but I'd like to give them a through clean. The old grease has gone a bit congealed and some roll less freely than the others. Is it possible to pop the rollers out without removing...
  20. Transalp some new views

    I work as an artist and am aloways looking for images of stuff to work from. Just stumbled across this site full of 3D digital drawings of stuff and found this set of transalp images. 3ds max honda transalp xl 700 The last section on the right of the roll are interesting.if the link works. Chunko'.