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  1. Africa Twin
    Just dropped my AT today at slow rolling speed and thanks to those Rugged Road crash bars any serious damage was prevented. But the right one took a substantial hit and it absorbed all the force which resulted in it being slightly bent inwards. Is it possible to bend it back? I will post some...
  2. Africa Twin
    Took delivery of my new bike camera yesterday, It has two cameras , pic capture , video , collision sensor , HD and was only £30.. Tested it out and the quality is pretty good, Takes a micro SD up to 32GB, does rolling carture and has low light mode
  3. Varadero
    Hi, just installed this weekend manual cct on my Dero. The bike feels smoother at idle but rolling it seems a struggle a little or could be just placebo I dont know. Should I turn off 1/4 on the mcct? will be need to put the engine at TDC? cheers
  4. Dominator / FMX
    Post here your highest miles RFVC bike, this can include NX, FX, SLR, XL etc. I'll start the ball rolling with my very low miles bikes: 4051, 11000, 9000, 6000
  5. Chatter
    I was thinking about what I want to do next after my Dommie project is done. I was having a beer and watching the first episode of the new series of the walking dead and noticed that the feller with the crossbow has got himself a new bike. A few minutes on the interweb revealed this. Rolling...
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    complete slr650 all there minus engine and exhaust, reg doc. in my name with keys, £350 selling complete exhaust seperately £125
  7. Mechanical Advice
    A quick query for all you mad keen mechanics, I'm about ready to refit the engine into my 1989 transalp after it's refurb. My question is this, is it easier to fit the engine into the frame loose or into a rolling chassis ? I took it out with the frame on its side and lifted the frame off over...
  8. Africa Twin
    Just another day in the life of your average AT...YEP! It's still rolling around the swedish countryside on a mainly day to day basis doing mundane duties but at it's best when turning down unknown and new forest tracks (to me anyways)..that's what I call a fun bike :thumbup:
  9. Chatter
    Guys, have a look at this... You shall not pass - Trolling ram and biker - YouTube
  10. Chatter
    shamelessly nicked from UKGSer as it made me laugh - You shall not pass - Trolling ram and biker
  11. Dominator / FMX
    Just bought this on ebay for €35 plus shipping with papers from a 1992 German dommie. Cant wait to get my angle grinder out. As the swing arm bearings are shot on my bike, I will just fix em and make my new frame into a rolling chassis.:cool::cool::cool: Watch this space.:compress:
  12. XR
    enjoy. its not much but it is a start. XR650R SM FIRST ROLLING BURN OUT - YouTube
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    A XLV750 bike or rolling chassis is listed on EBay as XRV750 Honda XRV 750 'Barn Find' | eBay Nothing to do with me other than spotting it
  14. The Longest Day (Planning)
    * Get paypal account linked to bank account * Get rider registration form finished * Get paypal and shop online * Get sample Tshirt and confirm quality In hand with GOG * Agree what we're going to stock in the shop * Get update from Eurotunnel re prices In hand with GOG, but I need 30...
  15. Chatter
    Whats that all about then? Ive got some cheese and tomato rolls for tomorrows lunch break. Am I missing something?
  16. Transalp
    Hi I have had this for time now but it occurred to me this morning that it may be the brakes dragging. When I start out in the morning the bike does not freewheel very well and there seems to be lots of resistance - especially notice it when changing gear. After a couple of miles all is...
  17. Africa Twin
    Not sure how important this is - but when its up on the centrestand and in neutral, engine running, the rear wheel spins, though very slowly. On the deck it idles fine, no feeling like its trying to pull away. Clutch adjustment is fine. 30K on the clock there should be any problem with th e...