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  1. Please read and share for my grandauter with correct link.

    Chatter Thank you.
  2. Jack up / lift / increase seat height with rose joints / rod ends

    Africa Twin
    I know this is not the first post on this subject. I did my homework though a searched the forum. Not too keen on reweldning my suspension linkage or pay loads of money for a AQ kit. Neither do I know a local professional to make me one. Saw that someone on the forum used rose joints to...
  3. Give me strength...

    It's reading posts like this on FB that makes me want to stop using it. It's not anyone from here. This is actually not too bad, some of them need the Rosetta Stone to be deciphered. Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  4. SPRING ?

    Took a wee run out to Aboyne on Tuesday to get the cobwebs out. Lovely sunshine and mostly clean roads but a lot of salt which took a while to get off and make my Alp clean and salt-free. Another bright day today: Stonehaven, coast road to Montrose (coffee at Pucci's - I've been a customer...
  5. New AT owner with a few quick questions.

    Africa Twin
    Hi y'all! New AT owner here. Bought a Y2K RD07A today. Pretty impressed with the bike (only driven it a few hundred km's so far). Have a few quick questions. 1. Can you guys post a picture of a RD07A fuel tap? Mine doesn't look standard, I think it's been replaced. I guess it should be sitting...
  6. Yorkshire Mud

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Decided to have a little tootle over to Whitby on Sunday taking in some new trails (well to me anyway). Did a couple of the usual on the way to Pickering and then went off into no mans land, not 100% on the legality of them but there on the map, no signs up and a couple of bike tyre tracks so...
  7. Crosstourer has landed

    I had no idea what to expect from the Crosstourer. But no matter what I wrote about it, I knew what I could expect from comments on it’s not a new Africa Twin; Honda should make a new Africa Twin. Well, the Crosstourer is not the new Africa Twin. Its seat is comfortable, for a start...
  8. Winter has arrived - Today's trails

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A few week's ago Chris (2gses) suggested a trail ride, so we set the date for today The forecast was ok'ish, especially in the East (rather than the Dales) so when they arrived we opted for the North York Moors, setting off from my place close to Thirsk There were 5 of us in total, all had a GS...
  9. Sold: 1978 BMW R60/7, Sussex, Needs Work

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I'm putting this up now since people have been asking, I need to get more details and pictures at the weekend but I thought I may as well get the ball rolling now as not! Anything you want to know, just ask! So: 1978 BMW R60/7 - Can't remember the mileage right now. Sorry - will check it as...
  10. Kids weekend report

    Kids Weekend
    after arriving after the rain Sharrie, Caity M and my self arrived at Hundred house, Forest fields about 2100hrs after being taken out by another spiky land mine in the rear tyre around Merthyr Tydfil. The party had started silly hats, T shirts stickers and Beer. Yet again Sharrie had OCD about...
  11. Bedding for National Rally 2011

    Past National Meets
    This might sound like a daft schoolboy question prior to going on a school trip. Are we required to bring Thermarests. Karrimats, Airbeds etc if you are booked into the bunkhouse accomodation for the National Rally ? I've looked at the site webpage & there's nothing mentioned about this. I...
  12. Galloway 2011 = WOW

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, that was certainly a standard setter as far as organised events go. A huge, huge thank you to Austin for yet again putting together a superb weekend. Site organised, tracks & trails sorted. Even a word with the all seeing eye ensured that the weather was playing along – wall to wall...
  13. Cornwall got hit today

    Weather up the line must be bad, as we had it down here last night. I woke up to this It was -1 degree when i went to work and rose to aa max of 3 degrees throughout th eday but is back to -1 now. The north of england must really have it bad as we never get...
  14. Scotland - 17 to 25 Jul 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Having had a change in circumstances which meant I got an extra two months in the sunny UK, as well as being unable to sell my bike for (what I determined to be) a reasonable price, I decided to reward myself with a ride from London up through Wales and around Scotland. As I'd never been before...
  15. Biker deaths and injuries drop 4%

    Latest transport department statistics show that 472 motorcyclists died in 2009, down 4% on 2008. The number reported as seriously injured fell by 4% to 5,350. Total reported motorcycle user casualties fell by 4% to 20,703 in 2008, yet Motorcycle traffic rose by 2% over the same...
  16. Lowestoft, Friday, what happens when.

    The Longest Day
    The following is adapted from the post originally by PanRider who organised it but sadly will not be present. There may therefore be some slippage. The postcode for the TA Hall in LOWESTOFT!! is NR32 3LS. The Hall is behind the Tudor Rose pub (there is a drive to the right) on St Peter's...
  17. I'm off to Berlin

    Yes, Berlin here I come. Leaving at 1200 hours on thursday. Plan is to ride down south along the smaller roads, and cross into Germany on friday. Friday will be spent riding along the northern coast, and slowly head south towards Berlin. Stay over night in Berlin and ride nort again during...
  18. AT Fork Slugs

    Bodgers Corner
    Bought myself a lathe and milling machine recently and have been having a little play!! Thought I'd try and make some fork slugs to match my rose jointed adjustable rear links, here's my first attempt...just need to work out how to use the milling machine now to mill the flats on the top portion.
  19. Piel Island Recce - 5th April 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Some Pics from today... Taking a break after a very wet, windy, foggy & fun trip over 3 passes - culminating in this - the Hardknott Pass... Austin on Walney Island checking out the first hundred yards of the "road" to Piel island... The (much shorter) ferry route to Piel from Roa...
  20. Glenshee March 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I have been having trouble with my shoulder but after seeing chiropractor and plenty of ice packs, I was feeling better this morning. My wife said so are you going out on the bike , its such a nice day and it might help you de-stress.. I was away in a shot ... So taking it very easy...