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  1. Rosedale

    Sharri and Hubby pitch tent in 2 secs flat
  2. Rosedale

  3. Rosedale

  4. Rosedale

    Dave,s TA, Stuarts Guzzi and not sure who the GS is
  5. Rosedale

  6. Rosedale

    Pull in to view the view
  7. Rosedale

    Saturday ride out stop for a brew
  8. Rosedale

  9. Rosedale

  10. Rosedale

  11. Past National Meets
    Few weeks ago I had a look around at the petrol station in the area for the national Castleton Thurs , fri 9am to 6pm Sat 9 - 1pm No Sunday The pump area is on an incline and needs a bit of care when fully loaded. Situated on high st castleton. Kirkbymoorside Cooks a170 (indi) Thusday...
  12. Past National Meets
    I cocked up my leave :rolleyes: i should have booked Thursday & Friday, but only booked Friday :angry7: and don,t have any leave left. As Vader is going up on Thursday i will have to follow Friday morning in the car, our daughter Jamie-Lee would like to come along. So my favour to ask is would...
  13. Past National Meets
    Following on from previous NM threads, There is only one pub left open in Rosedale - The Coach House Bar meals area bit pricier than bog standard pub meals being in the £8 - £12 region. I have contacted the owner regarding price & discounts etc They seem quite flexible & have various options...
  14. Past National Meets
    This has been partially covered in another thread but warrants its own dedicated section. If others planning a rideout could add their suggested routes. I reckon two or three road routes & maybe an off road ride would keep numbers managable. Please keep banter & unnecessary posts to a minimum...
  15. Past National Meets
    Following a few enquiries regards the location of the campsite i thought it might be a good idea to post it up. If you Google `Rosedale Abbey` then this is what you get rosedale abbey - Google Maps Heading North West from that location along Alder Carr Lane towards White House Farm the...
  16. Past National Meets
    Myself and Derek were out for several hours today checking out roads but we started at Rosedale Abbey so i can check on the booking and make sure all was well. I did this as the lady who originally booked it for me said she was leaving and to come back closer to the date to make sure everything...
  17. Past National Meets
    Hi all, I know it's a way off yet, but is anyone thinking of riding to the National meet from Kent? 9th-12th September.
  18. Past National Meets
    yes i know its a bit early, please dont throw things at me :rolleyes: but i really do need at least six months to sort out my leave and it seems to take at least six months to plan the meet (no way a judgement, just an observation, i know what its like trying to keep everyone happy!) couldnt...
1-19 of 19 Results