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  1. XL650V exhaust what ?

    OK, Mine's a 2006 & I don't need one just yet, but looking at the rust / oxidation on it I wouldn't mind having one for when the inevitable rot happens Any ideas what i could replace it with ? Ta
  2. Rear Wheel From 98 RD04 fitting an RD03 88?

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Hi all, My Rear wheel of my 88 RD03 has serious rim rot and the bike won't get through an MOT. I've been trying to source a new rear wheel but had no luck. I have found a rear wheel from a 1998 model and wondering if it would fit? Thought I'd ask hear for advice. My other route is to get a...
  3. Wanted: Pair front calipers for 2000 at

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi has anybody got a pair of front calipers for rd07a spareI may be able salvage the right hand side but left is rotted. Thanks for looking
  4. Wanted: Rear wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a rear wheel for my 1996 rd07 africa twin......its an alloy wheel with spokes mine is rotting near the tube hole .... Cash waiting.....thanks for looking...kevsky.. I live in the north east of england..
  5. RD07 front brake calliper wanted

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I recently purchased another AT and unfortunately the front right hand brake calliper has succumbed to the British winters and rotted quite badly. Has anyone got a spare laying around in the shed that they would like to sell? Thanks, Neil.
  6. Current wheel options?

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I need some new rims to replace the rotting gold ones on my RD07, any suggestions? Everything I've found by searching seems pretty out of date. Can anyone help please? Thanks!
  7. Wanted: gold rear wheel wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    My rear wheel has a bad case of wheel rot and needs to be replaced .The numbers on the side are as follows j 17xmt 3.00 11 94 dot . DiD Japan 82 2611 1315. I hope all those numbers mean something to someone and maybe there is a wheel lying in a shed that might be of use to me. I would welcome...
  8. Honda Transalp THE PROJECT By Fabio Goffi - ホンダ・トランザル プ プロジェクト

    Honda Transalp THE PROJECT By Fabio Goffi - ホンダ・トランザル プ プロジェクト This is my transalp , the 3rd generation! :) Is very function for my trips around the europe! Hope you like the video! Soon i will show also two others TA make by myself ! One is the Ta of Gionata Nencini's ( famous italian...
  9. Trottle Position Sensor

    Dominator / FMX
    The Vigor has a throttle position sensor. Any ideas why? It doesn't seem to make any difference whether it's connected or not. Since the NX doesn't have one I assume it's just something to do with emissions. Anybody actually know what the CDI does with the signal?
  10. will slr tank fit dommie mounts

    Dominator / FMX
    the modified dommie tank on my sidecar has rotted out,I can either buy another and fill the front where the fairing fits and close the frame hole with a plate or will an slr one fit. The slr doesnt have a fairing so the front of the tank is already smooth,if the front mount and rear bolt line up...
  11. RD03 Rear Wheel Needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm on the look out for a real wheel as my original one is pretty rotten and spokes are about to break through :( Thought i'd ask here if anyone has or could recommend somewhere as I'm not having much luck. I have the original RD03 with HRC colouring so its a Gold Rim I'm after. Any...
  12. Rear rim rotted away, need new rim

    Need some advice how to get a properly made rear rim fitted to my hub after rear rim has rotted away on my 1995 model. Discovered it when I was pulling off the tire for the first time on my 1995 model. How do you fit the hose by the way, do you use rim lock ? Thanks.
  13. Front wheel needed

    Africa Twin
    While re-seating the front tyre last night I noticed a small bit of internal corrosion which upon inspection turned oout to be totally rotten :( anyone got a wheel they can sell me? Nearly €400 by the time I get it shipped over and back and exchange rates
  14. A Proud Father writes ...

    A Proud Father writes; My Son and his West Cork Chums ... The TreeSleepers - Say Yes To Everything - Genre: Rock/Funk/Ska with a dash of gypsy. Rotten Roll. This is West Cork HomeBrew and it's Music for Dancing! - TreeSleepers' Home page -...
  15. Exhaust Hole

    Now this may sound a bit daft, but I am a newbie to these bikes, but should this hole be there. The reason I even ask is that it is perfectly formed, it doesn't look like its rotted through. Any explanations please. Its at the connection of the silencer to the rest of the pipe, behind the...
  16. For Sale: Dommi wheels

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Front an rear wheels wit tyres for Dommi...Gold rims, rear has some dommi rot, but could be fixed... tyres are real good Road Knobblies...  £150 posted to any uk address
  17. For Sale: Dommi wheels

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Front an rear wheels wit tyres for Dommi...Gold rims, rear has some dommi rot, but could be fixed... tyres are real good Road Knobblies... £150 posted to any uk address
  18. Looking at buying 89 rd03.What to look for!

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. Will be going to look at an rd03 with 32.000miles on the clock. How would I check the output shaft without taking it apart. Also what should I be looking for in the way of know/major faults. Seller says it's in original, mint condition and is asking top dollar so I'm expecting...
  19. CZ & SK

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A couple of pics from 2 quick tours of the Czech Republic(or at least the bit nearest us!) and a bit of Slovakia. I was actually searching for old eastern bloc aircraft, so not many scenic pics:toothy9: I won't bore you with pics of rotting MiGs etc ;-) Housing block in Dubnica(SK) Ostbloc...
  20. My recent Bargain

    Africa Twin
    A pair of wheels for my @ £60.00 the pair and £15 for paint ect, the anodising was a bit rough but the inside of the rims were rot free so I just sprayed them with a coat of smoothrite, I wish I'd spent a bit more time preparing the spokes but that a Job for the summer now. The can was a bit of...