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  1. Wanted: Rear wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a rear wheel for my 1996 rd07 africa twin......its an alloy wheel with spokes mine is rotting near the tube hole .... Cash waiting.....thanks for looking...kevsky.. I live in the north east of england..
  2. Current wheel options?

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I need some new rims to replace the rotting gold ones on my RD07, any suggestions? Everything I've found by searching seems pretty out of date. Can anyone help please? Thanks!
  3. Rotting front brake calipers

    I have heard about this but not on a TA. stripped my front calipers ad they were getting very sticky to find the piston seal poking out from the piston like a little hernia. Once I had removed the pistons I could see that the alloy was rotting and a gentle poke with a screwdriver made more...
  4. Rotting exhaust.

    My stock exhaust is rotting at the mounting bracket. Will have to get a new one. Am trying to decide between the Laser Pro Doro and the Arrow. Any thoughts? Pro's/ Con's? It seems that my search skills on the web are pants. Can anyone tell me where to find a stockist of the arrow exhausts...