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  1. Africa Twin
    Putting the carbs together and wondering if anyone has any detailed photos of the carbs. The fiche leaves a little mystery and photos were not taken a few years ago when the project was started...
  2. Varadero
    I have electrical gremlins in my bike :mad: My least favorite problem! I hate routing around searching for electrical problems! Sometimes when i turn my lights on the bike cuts out, as in shorts out the whole bikes electrics :( Turn them off and on a few times and all is well Today it cut...
  3. Africa Twin
    I have an Africa Twin1993 bought a couple of years ago. The choke cable is hanging free and is not connected to the carburetors. Can someone tell/show me where the choke cable leads connect in the carburetor?
  4. XR
    Does anyone have a photo or an explanation on where the throttle cables run to the carb? I thought id remember how they went so never took a photo and now i have a stiff throttle and cant seem to loosen it. It nearly locks solid when i turn the bars right. I never had this before i came off and...
  5. Suzuki
    Hi Chris, I was routing through my old phone and found this photo, I think this may be your DR350 (my old one) :D
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi I've just put my A/T back together after a complete strip down, powder coat and rebuilt but i am having problems with the clutch cable, which ever way i'am routing it it seems to long and i can't get the slack out of it any suggestions PS I didn't remove it:thumbup:
  7. Africa Twin
    Help I need a proper workshop manual for my XRV 750 1991, this bike was purchased in bits so most of the rebuilt is easy, but a lot of little fiddly bits and routing of pipes and cables etc are causing problems, i've purchased a Haynes Manual which is ok bit need more detail ,any suggestions...
  8. Africa Twin
    Guys, I've just put a set of Venhill hoses on the front and renewed the innards of the master cylinder as well - but I'm having some problems routing the pipes now without them catching stuff........ So, anyone out there able to tell me how they routed theirs - mine are in the original clips...
  9. Transalp
    Has anyone got any pics of their pipework coming from the HCR behind the reg. plate. I`m having trouble trying to figure out how to keep it nice and tidy :confused: . Mainly interested in the part from the HCR to the side panel.
  10. XR
    Sorry to be a pain in the botox. But can someone describe or post pics of the routing of the throttle, clutch and de-comp cables on my 250 ('97). I've had mine off for so long that my routing seems wrong and I didn't take any specific photos of the relevant bits. My throttle cables move about a...
  11. Mechanical Advice
    hi all, came accross this site from another forum:eek: Google Translate its great for most satnav types, uses goggle mapping to create a waypoint route anywere in the world down to street level . use it for everywere even on the mountain bike and walking:rolleyes: hope its...
  12. Africa Twin
    Could any RD07/A owners be kind enough to post some pics/video or, if you're feeling articulate, descriptions of the routes for the clutch and throttle cables please?! My pics don't quite get the detail and the cable routing in the Honda workshop manual is illegible...
  13. XR
    Does your XR 250 have the throttle cable on the right or the left of the frame main spine? It's on the right on my bike and I'm struggling to get a smooth cable action.
  14. Africa Twin
    Hi all, How have you routed a braided front brake pipe on an RD03 without it catching on anything under fork compression or on full lock ??. I've ordered a 1000mm line as the 1050 one is a bit long but as you know the braided lines are considerably thinner than the original rubber ones so how...
  15. Transalp
    Well after nearly 2 month of ownership of my TA, I am nearing the point of finally getting to use it.:toothy8: With having to do all the work outside, (no garage or big enough shed available), I've had to repair and paint every panel, done a service on it and a couple of mods. Just need a...
  16. Africa Twin
    Was wondering if someone could put up a picture of their speedo cable from the drive up the fork leg and past the mud guard, the one on my bike just doesn't look right there's a hose clip around the fork leg to keep it from rubbing on the brake disc, it broke after a show off wheelie and i don't...
  17. Transalp
    Has anybody got pics or diagrams of the cable and wiring routing for an early alp (1988) or does anyone know where I might find it? Thanks