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  1. For Sale: Rox risers

    For Sale / Wanted
    Surplus to requirements Good condition £60 delivered
  2. Bar risers..

    Africa Twin
    Looking to put some Pro Taper bars on the Africa with Rox risers question is how much rise before the cables have to be changed? Anyone got this set up?
  3. rox risers on 700 alp

    hi has anyone used rox risers on a 700 alp want to lift my bars up on my bike and i fancy the rox risers or does anyone know how much you can lift your bars without replacing any of the cables.or can anyone recommend higher bars renthals or the like.cheers tony.
  4. cr high bend plus rox riser combo?

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I have a some replacement bars for the stock set. Wondering if anyone has used a renthal cr high bend with a 2" Rox riser adapter on a rd04. I like the look of the Rox riser and think they could work as far as stock cable lenght goes, but thought I better ask around before forking...
  5. Vibes through the bars - I'm fighting back Pooratech style!

    Africa Twin
    I've been doing 140+ miles per day lately and the vibes through the AT's bars are getting me down. I remembered being very impressed with a set of Rox risers fitted to a 1150GS that I rode a little while ago which cancelled out all the vibrations due to some rubber inserts. So I used an old kids...
  6. Home made luggage rack & centre stand

    Decided to build some luggage racks for my soft bags. Took some measurements, ordered the steel and had it welded up. The 2 arms attach to the points indicated I used 8mm and 5mm steel bar for the arms - it's really strong and there's hardly any movement at all. I sprayed them black in the...
  7. Flexing bars - bar mounts

    Africa Twin
    Ive got some rox raisers on my bike and they work well, but I find that the bars actually flex forward and backward when the road becomes very corrugated. Could they actually snap? It seems to be the bar mounts on the triple clamp.
  8. Preparation for the Great Escape Rally

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hey All, Me and Pole are signed up to the Great Escape Rally in Poland on the 27th of March, so I thought I'd post up a little bit about my preparation for the rally. As you may have seen in this post Pole and I bought KTM 525s and we decided to enter the rally. Pole's bike was fully kitted...
  9. 525 Rallye show off

    Everything Orange - KTM
    I just thought it's about time to show my bike off ;) I've been on a market for rallye bike for few months. I wanted to get 660 Rallye from France but all the bikes I've found were unregistered at all. So it was the case of getting all relevant paperwork from KTM UK ( with unknown effect ) or...
  10. Longer Brake, Clutch and Throttle Cables / Hoses

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Hi All, Can anyone recommend somewhere that has longer cables and hoses for a KTM? I want to put Rox Risers on my KTM EXC 525 but the cables are a little too short. Has anyone ever replaced cables and hoses for longer ones and can you recommend a place to buy them? Cheers, Stef
  11. Really p***ed off with myself

    As a result of the thread on here about the Roxter heated grips, I bought some and fitted them yesterday. Unfortuntaley and following all the warnings, whilst glueing the grips on I had a misshap and spilled some superglue on my beloved Vara, I saw the spill happen and wiped it immediatley...
  12. Roxter (oxford) heated grips

    I've just bought and fitted a set of Roxter heated grips to my 99 vara, £30 + £3 p+p from minihaha on ebay. These are re-branded oxford hot grips and are identicle in every way other than name and the colour of the control switch (which matches my gold vara well). It was my intention to fit them...
  13. V Strom 650 Mods

    I have had my 650 V Strom for 3 months and to be honest there are the makings of a truly superb bike here. I have completed the following mods. 1 I replaced the standard handelbars with a set of Renthals standard road/trail bars which are slightly lower and not bent back as much. The...
  14. Roxter Heated Grips

    Mechanical Advice
    I bought a set of Roxter heated grips off Ebay for the V Strom,they are identical to the Oxford heated Grips that i fitted to the Varadero, just a different name on them BUT about half the price !!!!! Just fitted them this morning, well pleased