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  1. Africa Twin
    leojux | eBay is this a fair price? low miles, but it cannot be verified as it was registered abroad
  2. Ride Reports and Pictures
  3. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    WANTED Montesa 4rt Trials bike around 2006 prefered but anything considered.
  4. Spotted
    Hi Folks was out on sunday near willington derbyshire when towards me came a little convoy. Two TA's (one with very nice tinsle :santa:) followed by something naked with an RT brining up the rear. Any of you chaps involved?
  5. Chatter
    My Dad is in the market for a new bike (new to him, not necessarily new...) He has a BMW 1150RT at the mo'. Thinking of getting rid due to pretty low use, and its big! Most journeys are in town with the odd jaunt to Kent from W London. Has had a Kwak GT550, Divvy 9, Deauville 650, and a...
  6. Product Reviews
    This is a great piece of kit that I bought whilst in the States a couple of years ago for $45 (about £30 at the time) but it is available online. Basically it’s an additional fuse box that enables you to quickly and easily power any additional accessories you want to put on your bike. I...
  7. XR
    The tickover on my 1997 XR250RT is running slightly high. The strange thing is - if I 'blip' the throttle then it returns to a normal steady tickover speed. If I then pull away and come to a stop - then the tickover is high again and I have to blip the throttle to get it to return to the slow...
  8. XR
    1997 XR 250 RT: I have search the forums and my manual - but cannot find the standard sprocket sizes. so! 1) what are the standard sizes? 2) fromyour experience what are the best sizes for green laning? Thanks and Happy New Year, S
  9. Varadero
    New on here but been around a bit on, and yes used to have a Firestorm then one day went and bought a BMW RT1150 great bike but got knocked bought a GSXR 1000 K6. Bloody hell its fast. So there I was in the fast group, 140mph, knee down dressed in one piece leathers (...
  10. Dominator / FMX
    First I have a question, will the later side panels fit the early models? Right I have just done my usual trawl through e-bay, and found this which may be of use to some of you on here.... This guy has a few usefull body panels for sale at decent prices...
  11. XR
    Hi, New to the forum and hope someone can help. I've got a 2001 XR250 (not sure which model suffix it is so some help with identification would be appreciated....I believe 96-04 is covered by RT,RV, RW, RX, RY, R1, R2, R3, R4) with a Wiseco 277cc big bore kit fitted. It's been a pig to...
  12. Varadero
    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Took my wife out yesterday do meet Whealie and stormforce.First time she's been back on a bike since i sold my rt 3 years back and she likes the vara:o :cool: :cool: Did take her home over a short motorway stretch:cool: the beast moves quite well 2 up ,of course i stuck...
  13. Chatter
    3 count 'em, THREE brand new, shiny and clean BM' R1200RT's on Sidmouth seafront this morning!! All registered though. D'you think they were hoping for some spares to be washed up?? ArfArf :teeth: :teeth: -Simon
  14. Chatter
    Well I have finally done it! I have sucumb to the dark side!! (R1150RT) I hate not being able to ride at more than 70 for an hour without getting numb hands and feet, and wet t'boot! I hate cleaning my @!! It gets in behind everything! I want it all! weather protection...... adjustable...
  15. Chatter
    Ok guys and girls i need your advice I have a little problem with my wife not liking my @ at all and will not go on ride outs at all. :cry: She says the bike is to small :shock: So i thought about trading it for a vara or a gs.My wife is a little snob,she loves bm's,i used to have a rt bevor...
  16. Chatter
    This video really shatters some egos, huge file like 75mb but just look at this BMW it says GS 1200 but i think it is the RT touring version destroying everything over the Isle Of Man Mountain, and i mean everything !!!!! What happenned boys? ...
  17. Chatter
    Hello all :D Planning a quick trip to Wales soon with a couple of friends. Can anyone advise as to a route that will fit our timetable: Arrive Holyhead Friday night 19.20 Need somewhere to stay and get pissed - so no more than 2 hours drive from Holyhead, somewhere with B&B or cheap hotel &...
1-18 of 20 Results