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  1. Engine casing wear from crankshaft - trouble or not?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, i am new to this site and need some of your collective wisdom. i am rebuilding my RD07A and have come across unusual wear on the inside of the crank cases that looks like the crank rubbing against them. I cannot find any thrust washers or any method of adjusting crank lateral movement. i...
  2. 140 tyre on a Dmmi

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know if a 140/80 17 will fit on the dominator i know it will go on the wheel but not sure if it will fit in the swingarm without rubbing I want to try a Mitas E10 and since the spare domi wheel is almost bald i was thinking of fitting one on there to try it out Mitas E10 Adventure...
  3. Speedo drive

    Does anyone know if there is supposed to be a washer or spacer between to fork and the speedo drive assembly? I know there is one on the opposite side. But for some reason, when I do up the shaft on the wheel. The bolts holding the disk are rubbing on the caliper on the speedo drive side. Its...
  4. oops!

    Stage one of the arse end remodel. Lots of sanding and filling and rubbing down to do now. :lol:
  5. starter motor idle gear gasket

    Dominator / FMX
    A shorts note that may save some head scratching. If you remove the casing covering the starter motor idler gears make sure you refit the gasket and don't just use silicon as a gasket instead. I did and after much wasted time when the starter motor struggled to turn the engine after refitting...
  6. Scraping/Rubbing noise

    A friends 1998 xr 400 when you kick it over makes a sort of scraping/rubbing noise, it starts up really well and as you rev it the scraping noise seems to increase with engine speed, the bike pulls well, doesn't seem to smoke at all, just seems strange to me as mine and my other mates doen't...
  7. In tank fuel filter ,

    Africa Twin
    Before rubbing down the fuel tank i removed the petcock in the bottom of the tank , the lower part of the long fuel filter near the tap was collasped , yep so i need a new one :( do you folks run without this filter or get a new one , and were from Honda ? :thumbup:
  8. Few questions on my Twin Re Crash BArs

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know best way to straighten bent motad crash bars. someone at some point must had fairly hard fall as the left one is bent in and rubbing hard againt the fairing Also any of the spacers/bushes that so intetween the skidplate and frame around? i need get myself a small lathe
  9. Side stand rubbing swingarm (Canadian XRV 650 Project)

    Africa Twin
    As I slowly work my way through my recently acquired project (whose previous maintenance leaves a little to be desired...) I am finding each "problem" not so easy to diagnose by only looking at a fiche. This bike is missing more parts than one can imagine! The side stand has been rubbing on the...
  10. Squeaking / Rubbing noise ??

    '57 650v AT - 500'ish miles.. getting a squeak when moving slowly through traffic. Anything more than walking speed is ok, just annoying on a new bike. To me it sounds like something is rubbing; either caliper or disc any ideas or is it just the pads bedding in? :confused: