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  1. Wanted: Rugged Roads Crashbars for RD03/RD04

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone have a used set of Rugged Roads crash bars they are willing to part with? :toothy9:
  2. Rugged Roads Discount?

    Africa Twin
    Does RR offer a discount for XRV members?
  3. Wanted: Wanted pair of rugged roads crash bars.

    For Sale / Wanted
    New to the forum and recently purchased a rdo7a want a pair of rugged roads crash bars if anyone has any. Thanks
  4. Wanted: Engine bars for RD07a

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anybody got a pair of rugged roads or touratech engine bars or pannier racks I can buy
  5. Rebuild 2 complete!

    Africa Twin
    Haven't been on much at all recently as the bike was parked up around a year ago and has been undergoing a sporadic upgrade/restoration. Here are a few pics (99% of what you see was supplied by Rugged Roads!) The swingarm was painted by Sudden Impact in Essex who did a fantastic job.
  6. Aftermarket front mudguard

    Africa Twin
    Are there any aftermarket front mudguards for the AT? I was surprised not to find any fibreglass/carbon kevlar replacements on the Rugged Roads site! There's only white OEM mudguards on eBay too. :(
  7. For Sale: Rugged Roads Crash Bar RD07

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have bought an Africa Twin, and with it came a Rugged Roads crash bar. Unfortunately, it seems to fit a RD07, and not my RD04 - which is why I want to sell it - or swap it with a crash bar for the RD04. It is in perfect condition, with only a few scratches (on the black brackets) from my...
  8. Rugged Roads

    Africa Twin
    Hey All, Just a shout out to the amazing crew at Rugged roads. They truly are an amazing support to those of us who live on the outer edges of the world with our Africa Twins. Getting parts here in Uganda is impossible but Jonathan and his team always come through. I can't thank them enough...
  9. RD03 Seal Element (Part #17213MM9300)

    Africa Twin
    Looking for the filter element and after checking Wemoto, Rugged Roads and CMSNL, I cannot seem to locate. Anyone have any ideas or perhaps one you could part with? Thx
  10. Rear rim size

    Africa Twin
    What is the rim size of a rd07 rear rim, some places say 17x3.0, rugged roads says 3.5 but central new wheels say 3.0, Which is cortect Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  11. Rugged roads....

    Africa Twin
    Any ideas on the rugged roads rally bike hand gaurds? Are they acerbis rally pro? Need some protection & the oem Honda ones are like sails!!
  12. Question for Rugged Roads

    Discounts / Deals
    If I order from your website how do I apply the XRV discount?
  13. Rugged Roads carbon fibre bashplate

    Africa Twin
    Is this stronger than the original aluminium bashplate? If it breaks does it shatter or split? I'd guess it's not repairable? Smashed the hell out of mine at the Kielder K2 and on the TRF Coast to Coast Big Bore run this week...
  14. I've Finally Got One..................

    At long, long last, she's mine. And for this weekend only, I've got this one................
  15. Transalp Can on AT ??

    Africa Twin
    Alright chaps . Question. I have a Transalp 650 that has a brand new Leo Vince can on, but I'm selling the bike as I bought an AT. Been looking to get a can for the @, and was thinking the TA one would fit if I bought the Rugged Roads Remus link pipe ?? Answers on a postcard appreciated !
  16. Nitron Shocks - Rugged Roads Pro or standard Track version, any difference?

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know if there's any difference between Rugged Roads Nitron Pro at £585 or the normal Track version at £525? They both look the same to me, but what do I know.......
  17. Choke valve guides

    Africa Twin
    I know Rugged Roads do an aluminium replacement for the rd07 but does anyone do them for the rd04 ? Thanks.
  18. Rugged Roads - 10% Discount - Voucher Code

    Discounts / Deals
    It's that time of year again. We're offering all XRV members a 10% discount on all Rugged Roads manufactured stuff. Use the following code in the voucher code box on the shopping basket page: XRV Offer is valid from now until 31st January 2013. Visit us at:
  19. rims and spokes

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know where I can get a set of rims and spokes for a 94 AT - and dont want to pay a lot. Its for my daily hack and rugged roads want around 400 for just the rims
  20. Club Shop

    Is the club shop now up and running in the hands of Johnathon from Rugged Roads? Are items to be purchased through his Rugged Roads? or separately and is there a menu to choose from please? Thanks in anticipation