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  1. Maybe save your rear brake lever by turning it up

    Less likely to ruin your brake lever on a rock or something. Works just as good as down below the swing arm.
  2. How do you ruin a family picnic?

    As I found out today, it's easy. You simply let your two dogs, with their paws covered in dog sh*t, trample all over the family's picnic and their coats that they are sitting on so they have to cut their picnic short and are forced to get cold on their return journey. Four year olds don't like...
  3. Bliss.....Oh absolute Bliss!!

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    My cousin - god bless his cotton pickin' soul - showed up on his Yam on Wed. evening and over a cuppa mentioned that he was off to see a new house build belonging to some mutual friends over in the borders and did I want to come along for the ride. Pretty silly question really as I'm after...
  4. unfeckingbelieveable theft attempt!

    called in to see the misses in the local bingo hall where she works in swansea. i always put the bike on top of the steps to the entry where i can see it as she works on the reception desk. i'm standing there drinking my coffee and she shouts "BIKE" as i see my bike moving........ out the door...
  5. Wheel Truing

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Need to get my wheels looks at, anyone know anywhere not too expensive in the south that can do these for me, live near Basingstoke but can travel with the wheels if I need to. Cheers
  6. For Sale: Honda Transalp 650 restrictor washers

    For Sale / Wanted
    As it says on the tin. 2 restrictor washers I bought off german ebay for £100 a couple of years ago, fit them between the carb outlet and the engine inlet to restrict an alp to 33bhp if you've just passed your test and you're restricted to 33bhp. Don't fall for all the FI International rubbish...
  7. For Sale: Transalp for sale on UKGSer

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    looks like it's located in Romford, Essex
  8. Jackie Evancho. Some talent is just born to be.

    Yeah...I know I'm too posh to watch this stuff.... But I did....I'm still smilin' :) Similar feeling to seeing Susan Boyle for the first time..... Hope 'they ' don't ruin her. YouTube - ‪Britains got talent 2011 Jackie Evancho performs in the show‬‏ Better than Sarah...
  9. For Sale: Xr spares

    For Sale / Wanted
    SPARE SEAT: i have a spare seat up in the loft, i cut down the foam on it to reduce ride height when i first got the bike it would need new foam for use or you will get severe arse ache there's nothing wrong with it other than a lack of foam. I'm open to any offer on that can post photo's at...
  10. ST1300 WP rear shock on RD04 Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    I was wondering if it would be possible to mount a WP rear shock of a ST1300 as a replacement for the original Africa Twin shock? The shock looks pretty similar to the ohlins AT aftermarket shock. The ST1300's 300kgs is about 100kg heavier than the AT but I fugured with myself weighing 100kgs...
  11. Adventures on the Isle of Mull

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Note: Sorry could not make the National this year but for personal reasons, I had to stay fairly close to home.. maybe next year .. :thumbleft: Advertures on the Isle of Mull .. So my Adventure Started on Thursday Morning , leaving first thing , head down to Aberfeldly , heading west from...
  12. Was thinking of selling my @!

    I´ve had a bit of a hankering lately for a Yamaha TDM850 to replace my trusty @. Now I´m not so sure. This is a posting I´ve just put on the TDM forum: "Not a good day............................. it didn´t go well. Been down the pub for a couple of beers to settle my nerves, so please excuse...
  13. Africa twin thermostat

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys anyone here take out thermostat from their bikes.Can anyone advice me.I heard there is some AT without thermostat will it ruin ur engine.Thanks
  14. Cr#p catcher for 125 Varadero...

    Bodgers Corner
    Cr#p catcher for 125 Varadero... (now with pics) Seeing as it decided to ruin my plans of a ride out today by snowing again I thought I would have a look to see if its possible to put in a deflecter on the baby Vara in the same way people have on its big Brother. Unfortunately theres nowhere...
  15. Warning Signs!!!

    RED ALERT Vigilance paid off today, and saved me from a potential "OFF" !!! It got me thinking about those little tell-tale signs that give you the distinct impression that you need to be alert all of a sudden. For me, some of the tell-tale signs are... A car with a sat-nav...
  16. BBC coverage of motorsports

    why is it the bbc spend millions buying the rights to motoGP, ruin it with suzy perry interviews and not enough views of her behind, and the vocal equivalent of paint drying as a commentary team, then shunt it to the bbc3 tumbleweed channel at the least excuse like when blind darts or wheelchair...
  17. Torque Wrench question

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Everyone, I need to buy a torque wrench for working on the Tigger. Most wrenches (affordable ones) have ranges from 10-80nm, which seems to cover most of my needs. I've got some parts that need lower settings, like 6-7nm... If I use a wrench with 8nm as a lowest setting and just pull the...
  18. Marzocchi Fork adjustment

    Hi all, Just taken my front forks for new seals (£60 all in !!) only to find out the the forks are non-original and are in fact MARZOCCHI forks with one side for compression and one for rebound via little blue adjustable star wheels on the top of the shocks. My question is how does one...
  19. New buy - XR 650R

    Hi guys Just thought I will share with you the joy of having a new toy. It's an XR 650R 2002 with just 650 miles from new ( has been on SORN since 2005 ). My plan is to convert it to a bit more overland bike than it is at the moment. The Acerbis 24 fuel tank will be on order very soon but my...
  20. For Sale: Honda CB1000F (BIG ONE)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Due to Gordon Browns Fiscal Policies doing it's best to ruin our country (W**K*R), i've decided to put my CB1000 up for sale Black P reg '97 Sorned Mot Sept 76860 miles (though looks and rides like 50k miles less) Ohlins rear shocks New Front Fork springs/oil/dust seals Braided brake hoses...