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  1. Chatter
    Ok, been seeing the Doctor for a few weeks, good news is we've ruled out Bowel Cancer (Barium Enema's are a thing of great joy - not!) and Kidney Disease and Appendicitus and Diabetes. Seems to be a build up of fatty tissue in/ around my Liver, apparently this is not a good thing and it's...
  2. Africa Twin
    One of my cylinders just stopped firing the last 4 miles of my journey home on My 1999 @ (36,000 mls). 10 mins later after I limped home on 1 cylinder I started her up & she was running normally on both cylinders. I would appreciate it if any of you have come across this problem yourself & could...
  3. Africa Twin
    Not again I hear you cry. Bear with my as I think aloud :idea: I want to get some crash bars for my 2002 AT but can't decide which ones. I have trawled through the AT Forum and have identified several makes and have drawn some conclusions: (1) Givi - plenty of people have them but most think...
1-3 of 8 Results