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running lean

  1. Why is my AT running lean?

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads I had a peek at the sparkplugs on the AT this weekend, and they definitely look whitish! Pictures below are one from each cylinder. The bike has not had full power for some time now ... I must admit, I have no idea what to do, other than increase the size of the jets or change the fuel...
  2. Dyno results

    So last week i fitted a Fuel exhaust can to my VA9 Transalp 700, the bhp on the dyno shows its up by 3hp, not quite as much as i had hopped but better than nowt i thought !!! then the bad news came . . . with the can fitted my bike is running lean between 5k and 7k (im going back to see mr dyno...
  3. flat spot when starting off

    Dominator / FMX
    just put my dominator back on the road. when you pull off it splutters a couple of times before it pulls away fine any suggestions what this could be it has a full arrow system k&n iridium plug. being told it could be running lean if so how do you adjust this. it is also very hard to start when...
  4. No mufflers

    I have a 2008 Dero 1000 i took the mufflers off, & made up a pair of lollipop baffles for the header pipes. I have lost about 15kg, & gained more power. The bike doesn't feel like it is running lean, would of the FI adjusted itself? This is my first FI bike, and i don't have a clue how it...
  5. Mikuni gone wrong!!!

    HELP PLEASE i got a mikuni pumper carb for my xr 400 and the bike will not start from hot and takes a good few kicks to start it from cold. It was professionally fitted and tuned on a dyno but the bike is running a lot hotter than before even a short ride on the bike and the cooling fins are red...
  6. Foam air filter

    My XL250 is missing the foam sleeve that goes over the gauze air filter. Does anyone know where I can get one, or where I could buy the foam and make one? I think the bike is running lean without it. Its an xl250s, 78 model. Thanks, Tim
  7. XR 250 jetting and parts suppliers

    Hi, Recently bought an XR250r to use for green laneing and learn the art of off-road riding. I have done plenty of reading about all things XR, mainly to find out how to start the bloody thing, which I can now reliably achieve from cold now, still working on the post tumble, but I think I've...
  8. Restricted AT RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hi, last year I bought an AT which had previously been imported from Switzerland. I very quickly realized there was something strange when it wouldn't pull over 80mph. I heard then that Swiss bikes are all restricted - don't know if that's true of all bikes, but on removal of the carbs...
  9. Fuel/Air mixture in relation to poping

    Africa Twin
    I have been doing a little research into the poping I get from my exhaust (Motard Venom) has always been the same since fitting. I am so have a pipercross airfilter so am I guessing it is running lean from what I have read. I am looking for long life from the engine so I dont want to up the jets...
  10. PDQ dyno run

    Africa Twin
    Had my bike dyno'd at PDQ on Friday. Was convinced it was running lean! The Remus Revolution GP can meant that the probe wasn't able to be in the best position, and if needed they could take it off and drill a hole in the baffle. Results were that with the stock air filter, and Remus can, it...
  11. how hot does yours get??????

    hi peeps, ive just got my xr600 running today. i bought it as a bit of a basket case/non runner and the auto decomp was nackered. so ive whipped that off and got it all back together today. Ive had a 250 before and ive also got a 400 at the mo but the 600 seems to get hot very quicky? is this...
  12. Fuel Pump

    Well the diagnosis on my 1150GS is that the fuel pump has broken. Now, whoever could think of putting the fuel pump inside the petrol tank, thus making a replacement really expensive. However, once again, thanks to Motorworks who are supplying a second hand one. In fact they are sending a...
  13. AT RD07a running lean?? Help needed.

    Africa Twin
    I bought a AT 2000 this spring. I like the bike, but we have a problem. Running on motorway about 100km/h (~5000rpm) it starts to ride funny. Like having bad spots on the road. In other words like stalling a little, but noticable. Hard to picture, sorry. When using choke about 3/4 it starts to...
  14. Fuel Mixture - exaust & airbox mods

    Hi Folks, I've chopped the exaust sub chamber off and drilled the airbox on my 650 TA. A check on the dyno shows a modest increase in power as per other's experience but it is still running lean up to about 4000 rpm and rich over 4000 rpm. Very similar to other dyno charts I've see on the...
  15. The engine is missing a beat

    Hi all, After having a sub chop and drilling some (8x10mm) holes in the airbox lid i was worried about the bike running lean, a mechanic turned the pilot screws by 1/4 to richen up the bottom end, i'm not sure if this is coincidental but i decided to turn the screws back by half of what he...
  16. Dyno results

    Just back from the Dyno man - actually it was "Dyno UK Ltd" - the real people who are based about 2 miles from where I live, although I never knew it 'til last week. There was a BSB race team there - the dyno guy said it was xxxx (can't remember name) like I should have been impressed. Anyway...
  17. Spark Plug colour

    I have been talking with Phil about my bike running lean after looking at one of my plugs (rear left, you know, the easy one;) ) and have noticed that the colour is not even all the way round, i took out the other easy one and noticed the same. Rather than just bother Phil with this, i thought...
  18. K&N air filter

    Dominator / FMX
    I have a 1989 Dominator with a Arrow Paris Dakar replica exhaust (which i thoroughly recommend btw). I need a new air filter, and was thinking of a K&N. Would the carb need to be re-jetted to prevent it running lean and does it make any difference to performance/reliability/ecomomy? Also, my...
  19. AT 650 running lean

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone advise where the fuel/air mix screw is located on the carb of the 650 RD03 and what way it needs to turn for reducing fuel and increasing fuel? Cheers
  20. Follow up on laser exhaust

    Dominator / FMX
    Well the new muff's been on for a couple of tank full's and I can unfortunately report that fuel economy is down from the average 170 miles/tank to under 160 :evil: What's more, I don't think I'm getting any better performance for my petrol, if anything slightly less :cry: Pretty sure she's...