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  1. Travel
    What was your best motorcycle trip this year? Our 2016 highlight was riding the Kola Highway in Russia: from St. Petersburg along the two biggest lakes of Europe and the White Sea across the arctic circle to Murmansk and beyond. We started the trip in SPB on 21st of June with the intension...
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Good day! I'm from Russia. I have FMX650. This bike is rare in Russia. I have a probleme. My bike eats 500 ml oil for 50 km. The exhaust is good. What is it? Thank You
  3. Varadero
    I have a 2001 Varadero and planning a trip across Russia. I am thinking that a bash plate would be ideal but think the Touratech one doesn't cover enough so was wondering about fitting a TA bash plate. I have seen it fitted to later models but not the 2001 one. IS it possible.
  4. Africa Twin
    ;) sorry...I lied...its an American Bike
  5. Varadero
    Recently bought a 2001 plated Varadero. Planning a trip to Russia next year and looking for mounting for my Tomtom and Delorme. I have ram mounts but find they hide the clocks Wondering if a brace bar on the handlebars would help
  6. Chatter
    Watch this and dismiss any thoughts of driving in Russia in anything less than a T80 tank! Seriously bloody scary..... Russian I haven't seen this compilation here. although a couple of clips are on trhe forum I think?
  7. Chatter
    Medvedev: Russian presidents get secret files on aliens -
  8. Chatter
    Quite a lot of funnies, but the Russian news reader at 7:18 is great News Anchor FAIL Compilation 2012 || PC - YouTube
  9. Chatter
    Truck Driver Thrown Through Window In Crash, Walks Away. Russia .flv - YouTube
  10. XR
    hello, I own XR250 BAJA 96 motorcycle On the hot engine knock is audible on cold knock isn't audible video... hot engine MVI_0553.MOV - YouTube whether can be a source of knock of the valve? I apologize for bad English, use the translator...
  11. Chatter
    I watched this on ABR and I just know you lot will love it. It is 20 mins long, but well worth the watch, and they are all fully loaded up with gear. :thumbright: Andy.
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi everybody! On December, 1 I won AT650 on japan auction. On January, 11 we first met. Now we're in the middle of rebuilding process. Here is brief story: And a short movie of engine removal: YouTube - XRV650 Engine removal
  13. Africa Twin
    This technical report on my trip to Russia on 17 year old @. Well nothing to report, unbelievable… didn’t even got puncher. Have to say: some BIKE:happy3:!!! 8000km round trip perfect, started first time every time and didn’t miss beat. Just chain need to tightened every 400-500 km because I...
  14. Russia 207

    Hemyock to Murmansk
  15. Russia 207

    Hemyock to Murmansk
  16. Russia 207

    Hemyock to Murmansk
  17. Russia 207

    Hemyock to Murmansk
  18. Russia 207

    Hemyock to Murmansk
1-19 of 21 Results