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  1. XL650V exhaust what ?

    OK, Mine's a 2006 & I don't need one just yet, but looking at the rust / oxidation on it I wouldn't mind having one for when the inevitable rot happens Any ideas what i could replace it with ? Ta
  2. RD07A stopped yesterday

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi everyone A wee running problem I'm having at the moment with an 8 day Europe trip coming up in 10 days! So no pressure for me then! Put new battery in. No electrics - no Tripmaster display or turn over. Went through every circuit testing for continuity and spraying connections with...
  3. Imported TA insurance?

    Hi all, This is my first post, so please let me know if it is in the wrong place! I am looking at importing a TA from France, via a friend of mine. Will this massively affect the price of insurance? If I save £500 on getting it here and taxing / registering it, will I end up paying that anyway...
  4. For Sale: Honda Transalp xl600v PD06 and PD10 (1987 to 2000) OEM Honda silencer/exhaust FORSALE

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda Transalp xl600v PD06 and PD10 (1987 to 2000) OEM Honda silencer/ exhaust FOR SALE After an engine malfunction I’m now parting out my ’87 Transalp. As you’re looking at this advert your silencer has probably rotted away. Mine did. This silencer came off a friend’s 1998 bike that was...
  5. Engine rebuild / change piston rings on XRV RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hi fellow AT owners, sorry for the long post. My rear cylinders compression has gone down to less than 100 psi (front still ~130), and its leaking oil from head gasket and the bike is burning a considerable amount of oil. It has now gone more than 140.000 km. Still running ok, but doesnt have...
  6. New XR400 Owners seeks gasket kit

    Evening gents! As the title suggests I am the new owner of a 03 xr400, which to say the least...needs some work! my biggest hurdle at this time is the gear shift assembly (just the past that slides on and off) was broken and the previous owner decided to weld it bad on to the point that you can...
  7. For Sale: For Sale 1989 Dominator NX650K

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I have decided to sell my 1989 Dominator NX 650 K It has MOT to May 2019, new tyres last year, although rear has worn down quite quickly. Mileage is around 14700 atm, believed genuine, some history to prove Starts, runs, rides, rear shock weak (for my weight 150kgs), whirrs in second, but still...
  8. Anyone want a free 600 exhaust silencer?

    i have this and it seems a shame to bin it genuine 600 exhaust muffler/silencer the 'bottom' end is is perfect nick, but there is rust and a 8mm hole on the rear - easy fix for someone who can weld or rivet a plate on top? collect north London or £10 postage (uk)
  9. Exhausts? Old XL250S

    Searching for new downpipes for my 79 XL250S and so far found one supplier David silver, are there any other makers of exhausts for these? or what have other people done when they rust through? Thanks for any help.
  10. For Sale: Pair of Africa Twin (RD07/RD07a) wheels, rebult & good condition

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm selling my Africa Twin summer wheels, having sadly parted with the AT now :( My bike was an RD07a, but the wheels are the same an the RD07 -- and I understand will also fit an RD04, though the rear rim is 0.5" wider on the RD07. These were built by George Spence (Cupar, Fife) just before...
  11. She's alive again.

    Dominator / FMX
    As you know I had some issues with the bike, two new CDI's from ebay and nothing, some coughing and spluttering but the bike wasn't starting reliably and then the carb decided to piss fuel all over the garage floor. Carb was fixed easy enough, broke the choke but had a spare, still with the crap...
  12. Tinworm

    Dominator / FMX
    You know that moment when you poke something with a screwdriver and immediately wish you hadn’t... I found a bit of flaky paint around where the seat and silencer bolt to the subframe, off side. One poke with a screwdriver later, I had a hole. After a friend attacked the affected area with a...
  13. Valve Clearances and Cam Chain Tensioners

    After having a 2002 carb'd Vara, I bought one of the last Varaderos in 2014 (manufactured 2011) and now it has done 27,400 mainly on long trips around Europe. I was just wondering how long the CCTs are good for? I don't hear any nasty rattles or anything so I'm just wondering whether it's a good...
  14. Advise please

    So I have a 650v4 Transalp with 55,000 on the clock. Only proviso on the MOT from October was front discs are slightly worn. The bodywork and engine are a little cosmetically untidy- the engine's silver paint has come off in places and there is the spot of rust here and there but nothing major...
  15. For Sale: 18'' Rear Wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    AKRONT WHEEL: (very good condition, Fresh Truing done) - AKRONT 18'' 3.0, 32 holes rear Heavy Duty Rim: USED (good condition, signs of ware, no rust) with Heavy duty spokes (v. good condition) - Originat AT Hub: USED (v. good condition, signs of ware) - 5XJerk Damper (almost new) - Original AT...
  16. Quick question regarding engine swap

    First of all I'm very new to this, me and a buddy decided to buy a '73 xl250 in basically scrap condition (we aren't very smart) and want to get it running again. The frame is in decent condition minus a little rust but the engine is absolutley wrecked, however someone in our area is selling a...
  17. Picking up an RD03

    Africa Twin
    I found my RD03. Not a museum piece, but very solid and a strong daily driver with all the right mods. The guy I'm buying it from took everything down and powder coated the frame, racks and all. Wheels have zero rust on the spokes and no corrosion at all. He's throwing in a huge stockpile of...
  18. what to look for on used RD03

    Africa Twin
    Going to look at an RD03 this weekend. Any specifics to look for? I will be checking wheels/front end for play, rust issues and just overall condition. My concern more for the sprocket spline issue I suppose. Other than worn splines anything else there to look for when I check it out. Hoping...
  19. oil filter removal tool

    Bodgers Corner
    having broken my oil filter removal tool changing the oil on my brothers car I needed to change the oil and filter on my transalp 600 so the long slot head screw driver and hammer were put to use a couple of belts of the hammer and it was in then just a push down and it was loose easy peasy ...
  20. For Sale: Honda Transalp 600, only 25,000 miles (UK)

    For Sale / Wanted