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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Looking for a set of wheels for a dominator RD08 mine have rusted away so looking for a set
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi all . Starting rebuild RD04 Need recondition ... frame is rusted to f**k nothing new . Was wondering what's best way to go powdercoating or painting ? Or is there anything else ? Val 2 bikes , twice is happy
  3. XR
    Doea any body know where i can get an exhaust from for my xr 125 thats not too expensive. Mine has rusted away after being left out for a year. Ebay ones are too expensive. Thanks Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  4. Transalp
    Hi All, The chrome tail pipes on my 650 TA 2001 model are quite badly rusted, any one know if you can get replacements or is it a case of replace the hole silencer. Looking at replacing the back pipe for a single pipe looks expensive, and I do like the look of the standard silencer. Any...
  5. Competitions / Trials
    Hi all, this years Hafren Rally will be on Sunday 22nd of September. I have entered the event for the first time for me. I will be on my trusted XR400 and together a colleague (on an Africa Twin) we hope to get round OK. Anyone else from here going? Thx Lars
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi all! My AT silencer flange pipe is so rusted, that it almost fell off when I started to dismantle it. Does anyone know a metal workshop in London to cut off rusted part and weld a new flange to the silencer? Thanks.
  7. Africa Twin
    It was time to move on and I sold my trusted AT. I had it for four years, enjoyed it a lot. I did rebuild it almost totally, only engine wasn`t ever removed from frame. And what after? For me answer is Xchallenge :)
  8. XR
    Will a xr 250L exhaust fit a Honda xr 250R . I only want the bit from the join . Mine has rusted away and im interested in a White exhaust which is only available for the xr 250L . Many thanks :)
  9. Transalp
    OK Finally got my TA Friday night. And yes i have orderd a new screen to replace that horrible blue thing. But after washing and polishing my new beast i found that the front pipes conection to silencer and rear exhaust has rusted through. So have had to secure the heat sheald with gaffa tape...
  10. Product Reviews
    I bought my Aluminium Remus in 2003 as I wanted a more fruity sound, and boy do you get that with this fellow. It's loud, much louder than stock, and as it's the race version is louder than normal Remus. I had a little bit of trouble fitting it as it was tight and I had to jiggle things a bit...
  11. Africa Twin
    Look at this: Parts 28 and 31 look the same at the top and bottom of the tubes (12 and 13). But actually the ends that fit on the carbs are narrower and these clips will not clamp them tight. Perhaps modern versions of parts 12 and 13 were made equal thickness but they are no longer available...
  12. Africa Twin
    Had a completely unsuccessful attempt at changing the shock on project Zebra. Undid the linkage rods to get access to the bottom bolt on the shock but could not shift it. Broke one socket and then burred the nut with a proper spanner. So, drilled it out from the other side, meaning that in...
  13. Ride Reports and Pictures
    went for a trip out with some mates at the week end, into the Sologne region which is within a huge loop of the Loire south of Blois, east of Orleans. Apologies for the lack of scenery pics, I'm the only one taking photo's & as I wasn't leading we didn't get to stop when I wanted... "Rendez...
  14. Transalp
    Here are the pics (fingers crossed). The old tired oe exhaust Holed in the clamp area - possibly blocked drain hole? The old one literally fell off due to the clamp being completely rusted through! It was an absolute doddle to fit, and very well made. The rubber on the mounting strap...
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    The Haines Manual doesn't seem to cover head races so I had to call the XRV Helpdesk a few times this weekend - otherwise known as Chad. First thing he said made no sense. It was something about nuts, yolks and forks. I thought, I know how to make an omelette, it's these flippin' head races I...
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    Guys is there anyone out there that uses AOL that can help me? I quite often get people that don't know how AOL deals with Spam and I want to help them some more by working on a tutorial or process that shows them where to look for forum emails if they are treated as spam. And then how to list...
  17. Varadero
    After an afternon spent fiddling with the bike and my Starcom and stuff, I decided to take the plunge and fit my Spotlights that have been gathering dust for 6 months or so! I had a cunning plan the other day of using one of the existing fairing mounting bolts and fixing the light brackets on...
  18. Transalp
    my subchamber is off just a quickie before I get a beer and relax in front of the telly. Just spent this evening taking the exhaust off to get the subchamber removed. Done :p , and has taken me about 2 hours so far. Hard bits....... clamp between silencer and header pipes was rusted solid...
  19. Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, So I've been thinking of replacing my exhaust (stock RD07) with a Remus Revolution, and I was wondering if anyone who has one can answer some of my questions... So what do they sound like? I've heard they have a deep rumble, but how loud is it? I understand the stock exhaust is very...
  20. Africa Twin
    I've just signed up and figured I ought to introduce myself and explain how ATs came into my life. As a life-long road (and road racing) oriented rider they didn't appear on my personal radar until about three years ago when a friend, who had never owned one, told me he wanted to get a...
1-20 of 34 Results