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  1. First 'New @T up for sale.

    Africa Twin
    On Ebay. Maybe an ex-demo. Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin 2016 model | eBay
  2. V-Twin model engine...

    Africa Twin
    V-Twin engine model from Haynes: Haynes V-Twin Motorcycle Engine: Toys & Games Might get one :)
  3. XR 400 suffix

    Hi all Just joined this forum as I have just bought an XR 400, all I know is that is a '96 as was the enduro version with next to no electrics judging by the rather crude wiring loom. My question is: would any of you know what would this bikes suffix be? Eg: rx, rv, 3ma etc. Thanks in.advance
  4. Hitler finds out I borrowed his Suzuki Vanvan

    This video is in no way aimed at my wife Helen, who happens to own a suzuki vanvan. Hitler finds out I borrowed his Suzuki RV125 - YouTube
  5. XR600 Rear Shock '97 V '95

    Hi, Will a complete rear shock absorber from a 1995 XR600RS fit a 1997 XR600RV? I know the spring colour is different and by checking the respective parts catalogues know that the cenrte rod has a different part number on each but the upper casing / mount is the same part number. Any guidence...
  6. Oil in generator XR250

    Should there be much oil normally sitting in the generator housing on an XR250RV dry sump model?. Seems to be quite a lot of oil sitting in mine which drips through a leaky gasket.
  7. XR400 RV for Sale

    Hi All, Just to let you know, i'm selling my XR400 97, its in the for sale section of the forum with piccies and my contact details if you are interested. Cheers Nuddy
  8. For Sale: I'm thinking of Selling my XR400 RV

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All Well here is the situation, a friend of mine has offered me his KTM 520 for the right money, i can't afford to keep and run 2 off road bikes, so i'm think of selling my XR400 and just wondered what interest there would be from my fello forum members? Its a XR400 RV 1997, it has done...