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    Hi, last summer I bought a 2002 Honda xr 440 with electric start. Had total oil loss and engine completely ruined. 1. Can anyone advise if fitting the electric start to replacement engine would be difficult [for my mechanic] 2. any thoughts on using Honda trx quad engine as replacement 3...
  2. XRV Swap Shop
    Arai rx7 GP for sale...SIZE XS 53-54 CM. Worn once ( other than that not used) spare helmet. Metallic silver. Comes with standard clear visor, spare race visor and helmet bag. Approximately £500...New...will accept £350... Or nearest sensible offer. Location....DURHAM. Can't upload photos...
  3. XR
    Hi everybody I'm new on here & i would like to ask why everybody who fits the trx400 crank to do an electric start conversion on the XR400 also changes the balance shaft ? i have fitted the trx400 crank & used the original XR400 balance shaft, but here is the hitch - I'm 99% finished on the task...
  4. Chatter
    a friend in the philippines has placed an order for one of these Adventure Motorcycle - CSC's RX-3 Cyclone Receives EPA Approval he rides a multi-strada and he reckons quality of the engineering on it is not that bad compared to his duke although the plastics and accessories are a bit, well...
  5. XR
    Hi all Just joined this forum as I have just bought an XR 400, all I know is that is a '96 as was the enduro version with next to no electrics judging by the rather crude wiring loom. My question is: would any of you know what would this bikes suffix be? Eg: rx, rv, 3ma etc. Thanks in.advance
  6. Other Bikes
    Saw a link earlier today that is worth a look, albeit not worth buying?? Great styling mind M1nsk
  7. Transalp
    Thought i'd pop in and say hello rather than lurking. Currently have a TRX850 just for trackdays and a road going VFR400 NC30 which i was doing a few trackdays on and using for road trips. I like the TRX for trackdays cos it was cheap and i've had TRX's for years. Planning to out the VFR as i...
  8. XR
    Hi all I am rebuilding my XR250RX (1999) after I seized it. Got a new 78mm piston, rebore from 77mm next week. Also managed to get decent cam and rockers.The camshaft bearings look a bit overheated, so I want to replace them. They are single shielded, code NTN 6003LUA. 35mm od x 17mm id x 10mm...
  9. XR
    hi, been looking at starter kits for a 400, anyone know what parts are in the xrstuff kit, have seen lots of trx starter parts on ebay so was hoping to collect the parts a lot cheaper, do you need to split the case? to fit the kit...
  10. XR
    I recently split the clutch case and case cover on my beloved xr4, and am about to start shopping for spares. ive read alot about the xr engine being used in the trx and wondered if the clutch case would fit????? hope someone can answer, thanks in advance:D
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    Gonna sell my Aprilia RX50 ideal 16 year olds on/off roader 03 plate so been used for 5 years, ( well only about 4 actually as it was sat around for a while before i got it) just had new fork seals,new crank seals, brake pads, chain,brake pads, all fluids changed all body panels present and...
1-12 of 13 Results