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  1. Best supplier for good spares.

    Evening all, recently joined the forum after buying myself a ‘93 Transalp. It needs very little doing to it but I’d like to plan some repairs and basics. So, been asked before no doubt, but what’s the best source for buying spares and consumable, cables, electric parts, bearings etc. First off...
  2. Found: Importing a used bike from Italy to the UK

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, This is my first post on here (this might be in the wrong forum) but i am looking for some guidance / experience. As the title suggests i am looking to import a used bike from Italy. Has anyone done this before that could give me an idea of the costs and the time process of the...
  3. Malcolm Young..RIP.

    Bit of a sad day today.. Malcolm Young, founder member of AC/DC died yesterday in Australia...:(:(:( Him and his brother created on of the greatest Rock bands of all time.......RIP. I am so glad I got to see them perform in Hannover with my son a few years ago....
  4. A sad day

    Hi Folks, After nearly 9 years and 48.5k miles my TransAlp has gone. Faced with the bill for a new exhaust and front tyre [plus service] for the MOT I succumbed to an offer of £1,600 from my local independent bike shop. Whilst I know he'll do the work and clean her up for sale and make a...
  5. Lee's RD07s resto reassembly

    Africa Twin
    I will not post complete sets of pictures of before and after. we all know what a sad RD07 looks like. Instead, I will post a few pictures of sub-assemblies put back together after every single component has been either powder coated or plated. The longest and toughest job is preparation. When...
  6. Nicked ... dumped in E1 ?

    Anyone recognise this sad looking black 650 TA in E1 ? Spotted the post in the facebook closed group 'The UK Motorcycle Theft Protest.' Ignition in the locked position, handlebars in the busted steering lock position ... GRRR !
  7. Wanted: Africa twin RD04 left hand side panel tool box cover

    XRV Swap Shop
    Hi all I watched yesterday as my tool box cover committed 'suicide' and detached itself from the mothership and bounced down the road in 5pm rush hour traffic................. when I recovered the sad remains, there was not much left (will see if I can post a photo) after it had been run over...
  8. For Sale: 1987 Honda Transalp xl600v 14800 miles

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    A very sad sale of my Transalp. Only found it a year ago and now moving to Australia and can't take it with me. 14800 genuine miles. Very clean original condition. Have tool kit,taller blue screen plus data tag certificate which can be transferred to new owner. Don't know what it's worth not...
  9. Oh what a lovely morning

    Hi, I rode the TA to work today and just didn't want to stop. Hope we start to get some good riding weather :D TE looks sad outside waiting for me;) Paul
  10. Man down. Takoda Paul!

    From ABR this evening. I know many of you on here will know Paul Holroyd. Owner of Takoda campsite @ Kirkby Stephen. Last Sunday he was doing his job as a Highways agency officer protecting people on the M6 when an out of control car hit him and his colegue at the scene of an accident. Paul...
  11. Cafe racer project

    My son has offered to buy me out of the DT125 YPVS we went halves on last autumn. When I asked him why he said because he wants me to step back and let him do it up and get it legal without any input from me.:sad11::sad11::sad11: He is selling his moped at the weekend and he says I can have my...
  12. Happy New Year!

    I'm not getting in first because I'm a sad old bugger with nowhere to go on new Year's Eve, it's because I'm in NZ and already wearing off the hangover. And because I'm feeling some sympathy for you lot because it's peeing down here as well. Admittedly, for the first time in weeks, and there...
  13. Lemmy (Motorhead ) R.I.P 28/12/2015

    sad news the music will live forever
  14. "Dawn is red... blood must have been spread tonight"

    "Dawn is red... blood must have been spread tonight", (Lord of the rings, I don't remember exactly what the sentence is...) The sun rises and I am sad and shocked because of today's news in Paris... ...
  15. To break or sell as is?

    Dominator / FMX
    Got this for my son bout 3 years ago to give incentive to get his test sorted. Looking sad now and I'm not sure I've got the time to sort it.
  16. Leaky rad

    Well my radiator has obviously been hit by a stone and I've got 2-3 pin prick holes that are leaking. What has anyone used to fix this problem? I was going to just buy some Radweld but I've read a few comments saying that that will clog up a bike radiator as the tones are finer that the ones...
  17. For Sale: SLR650 on Ebay

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Guys just put my bike on ebay, it is with a sad heart but needs/heath must, please have a look, it is fully kitted out, I think the starting price is fair as I paid £1795 from a dealer without all the goodies Andy
  18. so the curse strikes again ...... should i just give up

    Africa Twin
    well here we go again . started the rebuild this week . all new bearings in , gearbox in lets try a dry build with the crank ............................ and of the new black main bearing is not a black main bearing???? i took it to the local bike shop and we checked it its not a...
  19. Anyone got a Dominator......

    It's OK to have 2 bikes inst it? I have a real itch about a Dommie - Anyone got one? Posted a question on the Dommie forum, looking to see any you Alp'ers have one too - Any advice, thoughts, sarcasm, jokes and donations appreciated :thumb: Seen one of these for £1600 locally, seems a lot, but...
  20. Well, I've gone and done. I've bought a SCOOTER !

    Impending senile decay and general decrepitude have finally brought it home to me, I've gone and bought a scooter. Before the before the brickbats start flying let me explain. It is evident that I won't be able to throw a leg over the Transalp for very much longer, if at all. So... I have...