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  1. Brake caliper piston question

    My "front-end" saga continues with the discovery of seized brake caliper pistons and brittle caliper piston seals (that have been in there since 2001) Having never done this before.....Is this piston good for re-use? It seems to slide in and out of the bore ok, but looks a bit pitted/scored?
  2. Old man on a bike

    Right. Let's get something clear from the off. I don't subscribe or get sent the Saga newsletter. Someone sent this to me. Bloody good read and I've ordered one of his earlier books so looking froward to that.
  3. the saga of the missing oil pump pipe fixing

    well i bought a xr 250 1986 in varios carrir bags lol,its took me 4 weeks to find out what gos where and being a two stroke freek ,ive found it hard,long story t short i got it tgether but a part has gone a stray,yer,so lack of money determins that i got t make one,willpost againtomrow cause i...
  4. Alpinestars saga now resolved (at last).

    Didnt have a lot of luck with the Tech 3's i bought and ended up wearing my old Oxtars again. Anyway, it all started with a day out down Bed's/Hert's, riding through streams etc with Ian, Glenn, Roy etc. Brilliant day out but when i got home i cleaned my boots, sprayed them with WD40 as i...
  5. Saga Louts

    Following on from Ralphie's admission to being a mere 40 years old this year and a couple of comments in recent posts, how many of us are : 1 Celebrating the half century 2 Well into ten years of Sanatogen 3 Starting to qualify for Saga Holidays 4 Two score and ten 5 Bulls eye 6 Can't get...
  6. Tiger fuel sender unit saga

    Other Bikes
    Since a couple of months after I bought the Tiger the fuel sender has been intermittent. The warning light comes on most of the time now and is a real pest. I've removed it twice but it returns to haunt me! Well, the saga continues. I've decided to replace the sender unit. It's the only way to...
  7. My RD04 saga continues..........

    Africa Twin
    Still working on the faring, but there is now light at the end of the tunnel :) I'm a fussy bugger and decided that the top section of the original fairing looked too short (not dakar enough), so i chopped about 1cm off the top where it curved outwards and have extended it by about 2" with...
  8. tyre saga.....

    Well after posting on here about the cheap tyre thread, I had correspondence with rodamoto tyres in spain and ordered the Dunlop d607. Some 3 weeks ago. I had given up on them and resigned myself to purchasing them over here at a considerable higher price. I had emailed them 4 times asking...