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sam manicom

  1. from Tortillas to Totems

    I am 3/4 of the way through this book and I just thought that if you lads enjoy a travel book it is really good. I have never read a book by Sam Manicom before and have probably should have read the earlier ones before buying this, but it is a great read :thumbup:
  2. Sam Manicom - Tortillas to Totems

    Product Reviews
    Tortillas to Totems Tortillas to Totems - Sam Manicom : Order your book here.... I was very proud to be asked by Sam to review his latest book "Tortillas to Totems", as I have done for all of his others. It's taken me a few weeks to do this as I don't read particularly fast and I have a busy...
  3. Sam Manicom: Distant Suns

    Product Reviews
    Sam Manicom contacted me a couple of months ago asking me if I wouldn't mind reviewing his new book for him, Distant Suns. I had to think about it for all of about a second. :D I've reviewed Sam's last two books and thought they were excellent. They were certainly a great way for the reader to...