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  1. XL
    i have picked up a 400r which has a slight oil leak from the rocker cover. i cant seem to find a gasket. does anyone know if a 500 gasket will be the same
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Took the plunge & debaffled my SLR today What a difference in sound, now it sounds like a big single should(poor man's KTM I guess:-)) Will tackle the carb removal for rejetting next Pictures tell the story, not the prettiest but who cares the sound is amazing!!
  3. Africa Twin
    Need some new rubber, currently running Tourance with tubes Rang around for some quotes and am being told that you can only get the 90/90/21 for tubed application now, and the 140/80/17 needs to be tubeless? I'm confused - can I still run a tube in a tubeless rear Tourance? Thanks.............Sam
  4. XRV Swap Shop
    Looking for plastic left hand side cover for SLR i.e. the opposite side to the one pictured below
  5. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Black Transalp 700, Reg LB09 OJM stolen from Southampton overnight on Sunday 17th May. SW Motech engine bars and bash plate, Givi Screen. If seen please contact police and let me know. Cheers, Sam
  6. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for my first XRV AT and was wondering if anyone would fancy swapping/PX theirs for my 97 Honda VFR750? Excellent bike, best all round bike I've every owned but the riding position is not suiting my knackered knee. :( If any ones interested please contact me for more details...
  7. Chatter
    I am not a big football fan but I watched the last 30 mins of the England game tonight. England won 8-0, which is great but it was against a team of amateur part timers who are ranked equal bottom of the international teams. 8-0!! it should have been 80-0. Yet the pundits are all slapping...
  8. Chatter
    I am 3/4 of the way through this book and I just thought that if you lads enjoy a travel book it is really good. I have never read a book by Sam Manicom before and have probably should have read the earlier ones before buying this, but it is a great read :thumbup:
  9. XR
    Hi I have a issue with my rear shock, the. Rebound and dampening adjustment do not work.I wish to rebuild it ,it's the one with the remote resvoir. I have a Haynes manual but it does not have the information how to do it. I have had a looked all over the net to. What oil/how much goes in it. Can...
  10. Chatter
    I have just sen on facebook Via Travelling Sam that Fergus O,O'Connell of mag has passed on , the road magazine will not be the same without the thoughts of chairman Ferg, RIP FERG , give em hell wherever you end up to
  11. Africa Twin
    Alright chaps New member here, should be piloting an AT within a few days, so thought I'd better sign up on here as I plan to hang on to the old girl Bike history started with an RM250 crosser, then some C90's to get to school on, followed by a rake of V4 Honda's - thought I'd never be without...
  12. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    ::just joined ive got xl500r which i bought for offroad pleasure but since getting it tidy i think its a waste to offroad it .as i do not have a iicence for the road i was thinking of selling it.its 1982,import 1994,done 35000kl approx not to bad condition but i dont no what its worth if anybody...
  13. XR
    Hi all, firstly I own a xr250r 1991 I am fitting a new standard exhaust and carrying out the mod on a a1 baffle, then doing header welds and snorkel and poss back fire screen in filter. My question is what jets is everyone running I have found that alot of people have 135 main and 48 pilot...
  14. XR
    Hi all as above I have 91 xr250 and wanting to up the jets, I have read Gordons mods but I believe that is for a 400. I am just wondering what size jets people have tried and what would you would advise as best. Cheers sam
  15. Chatter
    ... wish everyone a very Happy Christmas – I hope you all have a brilliant holiday. A saying told to me this week - appropriate for the season no. ‘Life has to be lived looking forward, but can only be understood when looking backwards.’ I hope you all have an excellent 2012 and that your...
  16. Chatter
    Funny as f**k just watching QI and ASSIMO just walked down steps and ran across the stage doesn't sound like much to us but its the only robot capable of doing so then it danced with JO Brand, i though it was clever as hell really. Iknow ASSIMO has done other things like conduct the Royal...
  17. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm running a Mitas E-08 rear tyre, relatively new. However in the wet the tyre looses traction under moderate acceleration and feels very unstable on roundabouts. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a 'best' tyre for on-road commuting for wet weather? Many thanks, Sam.
1-20 of 26 Results