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  1. power source for sat nav - XL700

    I've finally succumbed to a sat nav and am looking at how to wire it into my trusty Transalp (XL700VA). I'm sure that somewhere on this forum I've seen that there is a spare connector block in the front cowl that can be used as a power source - but can't for the life of me find it now! Any...
  2. European Trip - Bike Prep (RD04)

    Africa Twin
    Morning ladies & gents, In late August I'm going on a +5000km solo trip around Europe. My first trip ever...46 days off work...don't think I'll come back! :-) I've a list of questions as long as my arm but I'm trying not to be a total noob and actually search the forum for the answers...
  3. Cockpit frame for sat nav 700 TA

    Evening folks, Does anyone know of a cockpit frame ( for want of a better description ) that will enable mounting the satnav above the clocks behind the screen. Have had a look on t'internet cant seem to find anything for a 700 Alp. Thanks in advance, Lee
  4. For Sale: TomTom Urban Rider

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm selling my TomTom Urban rider sat nav, with '45' Europe mapping. Comes boxed & instructions, with RAM mounts, charging mount with ciggy socket attached (I also have the full length cable for permanent bike mounting) and non charging mount (adapted to take a mini usb in the sat nav port)...
  5. Alternative to Microsoft Autoroute?

    For many years I have used AutoRoute for route planning, saving, sat nav, and the ability to transfer the saved route to my Garmin. My current version is 2010 and I thought I'd treat myself to a 2016 version only to find that it was discontinued in 2013. Microsoft suggest using Bing maps, which...
  6. Which Sat Nav?

    My other half bought me a camera for xmas but to be honest i didn't really need one so she returned it for a refund and i quite fancy a bike Sat Nav instead.I've been looking at the TomTom Rider V5,TomTom Rider 400 and the Garmin Zumo 660,has anyone got any of these or what others would you guys...
  7. Home made chain oiler

    Ive made a chain oiler today for my transalp 700 its cost under a tenner £4.99 primer bulb off ebay ,£2.50 water washer pipe and a £1 for some small bolts ,bits i already had were a brake resovoiir off my old street triple and some bits off aluminium to make a bracket to fix the resovoir to the...
  8. Fitting an autocom on a transalp

    Anyone got any hints and tips on fitting an autocom and garmin sat nav to a 98 transalp.
  9. Transalp 700VA. Tom Tom Rider and battery charger lead fit.

    Needed to get the Tom Tom Rider 400 fitted to the Transalp. After reading some of the electrical threads here I decided on the quick and simple 'bolt it to the battery' method for getting power. The **** nav has very low power demand and of course the charger connection has none at all and...
  10. For Sale: For sale a honda varadero xl1000 va 8- 09 reg

    For Sale / Wanted
    mileage : 22,000 mot til april 2016 full service history never dropped or accident reason for sale- upgrading £5200 ono location : Coventry accessories included: 1. Honda original sat nav- garmin zum0 550 + hard wire + handle bar mount + car cradle + handlebar controller + all the...
  11. Africa twin fairing Sat Nav mount

    Bodgers Corner
    Having recently bought a sat nav I struggled to find a Place to mount it on the RD07a that I was happy with, the handle bar ram mount just didn;t seem to work for me. I've seen them mounted in place of the trip meter but call me old fashioned I kind of like the old thing and it is useful...
  12. For Sale: bags and things

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, as I'm focussing on pedal power I've a few bags and bits surplus to requirements: Givi Monokey Top Box- well used but fully waterproof, base plate has some small screw holes in from some additional lights I had- £45 plus postage Spot lights and additional brake lights £25 inc uk postage...
  13. For Sale: Africa Twin XRV750 - RDO7

    For Sale / Wanted
    PO1995 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin - RD07 Red White and Blue In very good condition for age. Runs superbly. Starts on the button. MOT until 21st October 2015 Mileage 50,140.1 What's on the bike Powerbronze Screen - £98 Remus Revolution Titanium Exhaust - £400+ (Fraction of the weight...
  14. What changes to the bike do you declare on your insurance quote?

    Hi, It's insurance time again and I have started on the comparison sites as I do every year, but the problem is declaring changes to the vehicle, I have a 700 Transalp that when bought had every tour tech accessory fitted, sumpgaurd, spot lights, crashbars, panniers, brake protectors, gear...
  15. electrics

    Africa Twin
    hi lads im after a bit of info.can anyone tell me if il need to up rate charging system on my africa twin 1996 if i wont to fit heagted grips sat nav spots aux sockits and so on.its my first africa twin so any info greatfully excepted.:cool:
  16. Living with Lilly

    Evening all, after 6 months with Lilly I thought I'd just share a few thoughts, but first here she is ; purty, aint she? BTW, it's Lilly coz it's a Tranny, obviously! I have to admit to being a bit underwhelmed by her at first, but she's gradually getting better and winning me over. 1st...
  17. Amphibious Whine

    So I was driving my 11-plate Ibiza into deepest darkest Essex last night, blindly following the Sat Nav to go and collect some bike tyres I had won on eBay. As you know it had been raining all day, and I came to a road that appeared to be partially flooded. I decided it was not too deep and...
  18. For Sale: 2006 KTM Adventure FOR SALE

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    2006 KTM 990 Adventure For SaleHaving made the decision I'm Not using the bike & apart from restoring "old bikes" (Brits etc) Im giving up road riding# So Heres my 2006 990 for sale three owner 14,000miles Full Service History had oil service this year Next service @ 20k MOT 2015 (july )...
  19. Running a sat nav on an XR400R

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to run my sat nav off of a 1998 XR400R. As you know it doesn't run a battery system so I was thinking that perhaps I could tap into a headlight feed to get my 12volts there? Any answers on how to go about it would be greatfully recieved.
  20. Another XR650R Electrical Question

    Hi all, A fresh XRR noob off the production line has arrived with more questions than sense :rolleyes: Just looking for some advise on electrical upgrades. I always wanted on XR650R since when I first saw one owning a KX500 in the Baja.... Anyhow after 14 odd years of no biking I finally got...