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  1. Screen satisfaction; at last

    Okay, it's taken me a while to arrive at this point. The very short version is: Std screen. MRA screen Honda tall screen All three cut down in different ways, with the MRA foil attached either side, either way up. I had an MRA on my GS and it was great, but it was fitted to the Transalp when I...
  2. Satisfaction of AT service...or not

    Africa Twin
    Just checked the tappetts on the AT. On the one hand I'm happy that yet again none needed adjustment but cheesed off coz it took me all morning to get in there to check. I think I've only adjusted one in the last 20k.(bike now on 32k). I'm sure it's elsewhere on here but for your info you do...
  3. For your AURAL satisfaction! Some Rainy day pleasure!

    Africa Twin
    Think your AT sounds nice with that namby pamby Produro can?? Well get yer box of Kleenex out and click through this link of Mr Honda's finest. No NXR unfortunately, but I'm sure our most devoted female anorak will enjoy it!! :lol: :lol: :lol: Regards to all Bob