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  1. Tyres

    I will be buying a new pair of tyres over the winter and have always stuck to tourances BUT been looking at maxxis (seem to be a big saving on the metzellers)) has anyone been using them what are they like in the dry/wet, what kind of mileage did you get any advice appreciated.
  2. Alternative to Microsoft Autoroute?

    For many years I have used AutoRoute for route planning, saving, sat nav, and the ability to transfer the saved route to my Garmin. My current version is 2010 and I thought I'd treat myself to a 2016 version only to find that it was discontinued in 2013. Microsoft suggest using Bing maps, which...
  3. New Seat.

    I finally ordered the seat for my dommie project. The bike is at the electricians place awaiting completion and should be ready within the next week or so.:thumbup: I have ordered the top left hand seat and I have chosen chestnut as the colour:D:D:D This bike is going to be the dogs wotsits...
  4. For Sale: 25% off Shell Advance Ultra 4T 10w-40 only @ Opie Oils

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Folk's Opie Oils are proud to announce that we have a HUGE 25% off Shell Advance Ultra 4T 10w-40 To be able to get 25% off Shell Advance Ultra 4T 10w-40 use the discount code: ULTRA. Only £22.13 for 4 litres of performance fully synthetic motorcycle oil. Just need a top up? 1...
  5. Smokey XR

    Hi, first post and its a cry for help! My XR400 has started smoking :( I get a chuff of Blue smoke when bike is hot after I give it a handfull so Im thinking it may be the piston/rings starting to show a little wear. I dont notice much oil been used but then again its pretty early days. The...
  6. Wanted: Africa twin project required by glutton for punishment

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I am on the look out for the next rebuilt project, need to put some of this new found knowledge to use;). Preferably RD07A. Cosmetic damage, accident damaged, right off, engine problems anything considered. If anyone hears about anything languishing unloved that needs saving from the breakers...
  7. Gear Ratio Question.

    Africa Twin
    I have standard gearing on my RD03, & I'm going to ride the 1000+ miles to the Elefantentreffen at the end of January, which would be a good compromise gearing wise, 1 tooth less or 2 teeth less? Only changing the rear sprocket as I have a genuine Honda one on the front & I wouldn't change that...
  8. For Sale: New unused XL700 chainset. Plus sundries.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Top of the range DID gold, complete chainset. Gbox sprocket one tooth larger for slightly less frenetic cruising. Bought for my Trannie but never fitted before I sold the bike. Sunbdry other items such as spare inner tubes, puncture repair packs, spare front bulb. £80 for the chainset is...
  9. Peage fees and payment

    As someone who has only used FrenchPeage roads once and paid cash, I thought I'd ask a bit of advice here please! :-) With manned booths, you can pay cash or hand a debit card over, or hand a T tag to the attendant, Yes? Unmanned booths, you use change (cash), a debit card or a T tag, Yes? In...
  10. The future is here- start saving!

    full information here you heard it here first
  11. new test rules/help?

    hi guys/gals just a little help needed as im saving up to do my test and just want to know what i will be able to go for as ive looked allover google and it baffles my head with these new rules. im 21 and have been riding on a cbt for 4 years now as i couldent afford to take my test at the...
  12. For Sale: Opie Oils Daily Deals - Up to 50% Off RRP

    For Sale / Wanted
    Up to 50% OFF RRP every day of the week From 10am Monday to Friday we will have one of our most popular products on offer at a ridiculous discount for 24 hours only. PLUS over the weekend our Friday Daily Deal will continue until 10am Monday! Our Daily Deal will not always be posted on...
  13. Start Saving!

    As the pilot points out, you could easily spend £35k on a Ducati. I think I better get a big jar to put my £1 coins in. :toothy5:
  14. For Sale: Talon DRZ400 Lowering Links £30 posted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Before they go on ebay I have a pair of Talon DRZ400 Lowering Links for £30 posted if anyone needs them. There about £50+ new and these are as new so a good saving. Thanks Mike
  15. For Sale: Anakee 2 110/80 R19 (front tyre Varadero)

    For Sale / Wanted
    A never used Anakee 2 110/80 R19 bought for my Varadero, from 'the tyre guys' on ebay a while back and has been sitting in the garage. Some individuals really liked my bike and decided to relieve me of it, so no need for the tyre. £65 (£15 saving) + postage Cheers
  16. RD07 gearbox issue on high RPM

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone! I've got a -00 RD07 (50000km) which I am quite happy with. Recently however I've painfully noticed that sometimes when I shift down to a lower gear on high speed I loose the gear. Usually I just press the clutch and clonk the shifter and all is fine again. Do I have to start...
  17. I'll get there in there eventually

    *I'll get there eventually ^ Bloody typo in the title. After having my KTM 990 nicked a couple of weeks ago Im in the process of saving my pennies up to get a replacement. I'll get there in the end. My bike so far comprises of an MTC carbon exhaust, a helmet lock , Radiator guard and some...
  18. 700 - Leo vince and Fuel Exhaust rear can

    Brilliant!! Job done and so pleased I made the investment. I have done over 30K and thought I would get a new bike, however every time i rode i kept thinking why? I dont utilise the available power (not a speed freak or i would of bought a different bike) decided to give my bike a treat. So if...
  19. Coasting

    I'm talking about coasting in a car, but there's no reason why you can't do it on a bike (although they seem to have a lot more drag). From the day I started driving, it was always drummed into me that "coasting is a no-no". Coasting for those that don't know, or are from foreign shores, is...
  20. A long way off but clasic japofest at Haynes museum next sept sun 15th

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    A long way off but classic japfest at Haynes museum next sept sun 15th Organised by Cheesy from the VJMC , a date for the diary CLASSIC BIKE JAPFEST at Haynes Motor Museum on September 15th 2013. Its a new show on Sunday 15th of September, being co-ordinated by Cheesy of the Taunton &...