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  1. TA 650 Engine Noise Paranoia.

    My Black TA (the one that the engine of went phut Big-Time in France back in 2014, see this and also this), now has a replacement engine in it that goes just as well as a 650 TA engine should … But … bearing in mind my earlier experience of that cataclysmic TA 650 engine seizure in France …...
  2. recommendation please... Motorcycle savvy powder coater in Surrey/Sussex/Hampshire...

    Africa Twin
    Ladies and gents, As the title says really... The RD04 is having a 'little' refresh... :blob7: Frame is on my workshop floor in desperate need of powdercoating. Anyone recommend anyone in the areas mentioned please - would rather go through recommendation... Cheers Slidey
  3. Trip master repairs

    Africa Twin
    Ok, so apart from Piet in South Africa, is there anyone I can beg to attempt repairs to my Trip master. I am not savvy with electronics nor soldeing and dont want to stuff everything up if it is repairable as is... And they are like rocking horse poo to get hold of Ill bet! After owning the...
  4. Indicators take ages to activate

    Hiya. In this cold weather, my indicators are taking a long time to activate- I'll press the indicator switch, and sometimes it won't go at all, and sometimes it will take 10 to 20 seconds to start indicating. Once it's flashing it's fine, but it's just getting that first flash. It can be quite...
  5. A victory for common sense

    I wonder if the judge was a biker or someone with a bit of savvy
  6. Sold: Africa Twin FOR SALE

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    This is my first post so please bear with me. I have a 1999 Africa Twin for sale. It's Black. Full service history from new. 29,000 miles, I have various receipts and Mot's going back some years. I have not had the bike long, 4 months maybe, I bought it from Touratech, in a moment of madness...
  7. Leo Vince exhaust

    Africa Twin
    I just skimmed thru LV's official web site plugged in 98 RD 07 A and I got a SBK OVAL EVO II ALUM. slip on pipe. However I also observe some other pipes of Leo Vince. My attempts to attach a jpg document was a dismal failure thanks to my techno savvy constitution. I have seen more of the...
  8. Lulu's Most Excellent Adventure - Part 2

    OK, well sorry to keep you good folks waiting, it’s been a busy evening what with phone calls etc. As LV says, the good news is that I passed, and best of all, that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. :) As Lady V had told me beforehand, going out on the road is SOOOOOO much easier (and...
  9. Another Africa Twin problem (ignition I think)

    Africa Twin
    Hey guys, My baby is sick again. Im very un-tech savvy so this is my best attempt to write out its symptons. any advice or help would be greatly appreciated but dumb it down a bit for me if you dont mind. The first 'issue' I didnt think much of - it seemed to be a bit harder to accelerate...
  10. Cheapo navigation

    Chums, I’m not satnav savvy, and don’t want to spend big money. I’m planning a trip to Morocco and am quite happy to use maps, but was looking for a little navigational insurance. Something that indicates, “you are here” will do. I guess I’m looking for a cheap and cheerful hand held with basic...
  11. Be aware!

    This is one reason why you need to be carefull what pictures and write ups you post on an open forum. Its taken from a GLEAM newsletter. Be aware, be very aware you ARE bieng watched.
  12. YouTube gone wrong?

    I know it's off-topic, but bikers are usually quite tech-savvy! Since yesterday I'm having trouble playing YouTube videos - not all, just some. Maybe even recently-added ones. YouTube doesn't seem to have a support forum, so I can't ask there :( Anybody else having this problem?
  13. Drink & drive ?

    According to the NMCU (Norwegian Motorcycle Union) recently, on a Norwegian national radio program on station P4, a research worker by the name of Terje Assum of the Institute of Transport Economics stated that riding a motorbike was just as dangerous as driving a car under the influence (i.e...
  14. Fork'ing Hell !!! Fork Rebuild Questions!

    Africa Twin
    OK, so I've purchased and fallen in love with my tatty RD04. Of course my intentions were to use it as a hack, intending not to spend too much on it. SO WHY, I ask myself and everyone, am I now looking at everything that has a minor gremlin (and there are quite a few!) wanting to make it work...