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  1. SBS Brake pads

    Africa Twin
    I'm importing brake pads for my RD07 2000 model I've got SBS in mind, the part no according to the salesman is 694 RSI front and 614LS rear, can any one confirm that this will be the right pads for my bike? I would appreciate any help
  2. Anyone any experience with engine hoist?

    I'm looking to get an engine hoist, and I wondered if anyone had any experience with them, or comments on these 2 candidates - Wolf 1 Ton 1 Tonne Folding Hydraulic Engine Crane/Hoist:
  3. Free: Anybody want free front disc pads

    For Sale / Wanted
    I bought 2 sets of front pads for my RD07 and got sent ones that I think fit an RD04. I had to fit them to get the bike to/from/through MOT so they've done about 4 miles of light braking. They fit into the calipers but are too short in height, only covering about 3/4 of the disc. And of course...
  4. Lulu's Most Excellent Adventure (Part 1)

    This hardly qualifies for a ‘ride report’ (more of a ‘falloffalot’ (™ Alpslapper) report), but mods, if you think I’m in the wrong forum, please feel free to move me on.:angel9: Well, I’ve finally (almost) gone and done it. After a year too full of misadventure to be able to spend time on the...