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  1. Help needed pairing Scala rider Q1 toQ3

    My mate has a Q1 and I have a Q3 how do we pair them for intercom we have been unsuccessful up to now.
  2. Scala/Ncom compatibility

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Bought an N104 earlier this year and a Scala Rider set off Ebay. Got the Scala sort-of fitted to the helmet, and the missus has got her side of it on her full face... Question; If I update to the hugely expensive Ncom setup for the 104, will it communicate with the Scala, or do I have to update...
  3. Wanted: Wanted Scala Rider Q2 Pro Multiset

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, Wanted as above must be in full working order with instructions. Tez
  4. Cardo Scala

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Now we have 2 bikes we decided it would be a good idea to be able to communicate other than by vague hand signals or at stops. I don't fancy the autocom and walkie talkie option but the scala rider bluetooth devices look good. Has anyone got any experience of them? How well do the helmet...
  5. For Sale: SCALA RIDER bluetooth TEAMSET

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello All - I recently bought a Scala Rider Teamset - It has 2 headsets - one for you and one for pillion, MP3 connectivity, Blutooth mobile phone facilities etc etc. If you want one you will know the spec etc. so enough on that. Anyway, I have just received the excellent news that we are...
  6. Scala Bluetooth headset

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Guys, Anyone tried one of these? I've got an autocom I've had for years, I'd like something where we're not connected. Cheers
  7. Scala Rider Q2 teamset on Schuberth C2.

    Mechanical Advice
    Due to Fiona now using her Beemer more often to go on runs and touring our wired intercom has become redundant so time to update. While surfing for info I came across the Scala rider bluetooth set up, info the Scala rider doesn't fit the Schuberth helmet intreagued me and I like a challenge! I...
  8. bike to bike for a euro trip...

    but hi all, I've been off the forum for a while... I'm back and paid up again... Anyhoo.. a little autocom/radio advice is needed. I'm off on a Euro jaunt with a pal in Aug. He's seconds away from getting a Zumo 550, I've got a 550 and an autocomrider too. We wanna be able to talk to each other...
  9. Scala rider q2

    Hi,Can any one help ?, My problem is that i can not hear the other person when i make a phone call using my 550 zumo through a motorola v500 & Scala rider q2. I can hear the sat nav promps ok & allso the built in radio of the Q2, Everything paired ok, Just no voice coming through when making a...