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  1. Certificate of Conformaty

    Africa Twin
    Hi Chaps, Does anyone out there have a certificate of confirmaty for a RD03 in French ? scanned copy or original would really help me out, its for the bullshit Belgium authorities..... Many thanks Matt ahh maybe send me a private message :-)
  2. car odb2 scanner recommendation

    car obd2 scanner recommendation I am looking for advice on what car obd2 scanner to buy without breaking the bank. I have a very basic one that does next to nothing but want to get one that covers all vehicles systems inc abs. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Ian.
  3. ARD cases, top notch panniers?

    Mechanical Advice
    After scanning the web for a set of affordable ali panniers, the ARD cases comes up on top most of the time. I can only find good press from owners of this luggage. I guess You folks subscribe to the same testimony? Or are there even better and more money worth ali panniers out there? /Kjell
  4. For Sale: FOR SALE 1927 Morris Cowley 4 seater Tourer car

    For Sale / Wanted
    1927 Morris Cowley 4 seater Tourer For saleAlas due to divorce my 'Vintage' has to go It's on brokerage at Windmill Motors ( harbourne bham) Price is negotiable as my 'return' will be less than the e bay advertised price. With the hood down ( the guy is my 1927 vintage DAD..... :-) bless him...
  5. Warning: DVLA email scan

    I was sent the following email from the DSA and thought that it would be useful to pass on: NEWS DVLA scam email warning Watch out for emails claiming to be from the DVLA asking you to verify your driving licence details via an online link – it's a scam. The DVLA has not sent...
  6. Crashbar update..?

    Haven't been here in a little while - had a quick scan - couldn't see any update - so... AlanH: Did your Ricky Cross bars finally arrive..? How long did they take..? Are you happy with them..? RuggedRoads: How's the development of the TA crashbars coming along..? Do you have an eta..? Many Thanks
  7. Wanted: RD04 black side panel

    For Sale / Wanted
    If anyone has a right RD04 side panel in this black livery, that is either for sale, not wanted or you would prefer a different colour, or you want to swap it for other parts, pleaase reply or PM me. Alternatively, if you see or know of one for sale elsewhere, please let me know. I do scan the...
  8. For the 3rd time !!!!

    Hi All, I have been a bit quiet on here since the National which I hope all enjoyed:thumbright: the reason being...................... Just before the National I had an MRI scan, I had been getting real bad headaches again, anyway the results came back a couple of weeks ago which showed a new...
  9. Fed up of not knowing how my bike works

    Ive always said I can ride motorbikes, and I can break them. But I cant fix them. Its about time I learnt more for when my many mishaps happen. So I want to buy and read a book (ideally would like to take a course...and may look into if there are any local ones). Any ideas of a good book eg a...
  10. Stockbridge

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I went to Stockbridge in Hampshire today, 268 miles all in for the round trip. The Buffalo sure is a mile muncher aint it, I can handle 2 hours in the saddle without a break fairly easily:thumbup: I left Sittingbourne at 9:10 and got to Stockbridge about 1pm, with only one 20 minute break...
  11. can't move...

    this is actually quite scary, I can't move. Almost literally, A couple of years back I put my back out quite badly, I think the problem is a pinched nerve in the lowest two verterbrae (or possible squashed discs or something) it's happened a couple of times since & my doctor has sorted it...
  12. Looking for Rd07A Official Workshop Manual ?

    Africa Twin
    Hello @LL As mentioned HERE .. i asked honda dealer near me about this manual they said that its not exist and i can't buy it :( And I'm in need of it so i was wondering if someone have a scanned copy of it to share here .. or even sell it ? Regards ... :D P.S : I can't buy it from David...
  13. Is a Midland G9 and PTT setup a bit Over the top for a one of trip to France

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Am getting bits & Bobs when I can in preparation for trip with my Brother over to Le Mans in the summer. Want to stay in touch with the bro on the way and not understanding bike comms too much I thought a pair of Midland G9's and headphones with a Push to talk mount would be a good idea..? Did...
  14. Beware of scammers that say they are calling from Microsoft...

    Had one of these scammers today telling me that my computer had been sending them warning messages and may have a virus. That's as far as he got before I told him where to get off. What they generally do is direct you to a website where you are prompted to download some fix or scanner and from...
  15. New Cardo G4 Software out !

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Cardo have released new software to update the G4 headsets. Quite a lot of new features and functions - just keeps getting better ! Version 3.0 – March 2011 Overview - New Features The scala rider G4 3.0 software update is a major milestone, bringing with it innovative new features...
  16. Remember these.

    Not a very good picture as it was scanned from a slide. My Last Brand New Bike With the Polaris Fairing fitted. It was a Suzuki GS650GT with a CB antenna on the back.
  17. French ign mapping real time....

    found this site and well its so cool:cool::cool::cool: very handy for planning off road riding as it great detail etc enjoy.. Géoportail - le portail des territoires et des citoyens and here to the maps Géoportail - le portail des territoires et des citoyens just click on en version and...
  18. Another hello from Yorkshire

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi All, Just converted from a Spanish 2 stroke to an absolute mint XR 250, was scanning the net for some info on the bike and found this top website. Greetings from snowy Yorkshire :p
  19. Scammers!!! BEWARE of em

    Or tips for you crooks out there !!!! A couple of mails i received this morning watch these cheeky bloody Cashpoint Scammers!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then...
  20. Centre stand mounting

    Africa Twin
    I took my centre stand off at the start of the year to replace my linkage bearings. I kept everything ready to replace the stand, but when I came to put it back on I couldn't remember which way up the yellow anodised U- (or n- !) shaped piece goes that slots onto the spiggot on the frame to...