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  1. FX Post Oil Change Ritual

    Dominator / FMX
    I just performed an oil change on the FX650 Drained out of the frame, crank case and filter housing. I put exactly 2.15L of oil in (10 minute interval inbetween) Bolted everything back up and checked the oil level, it is almost the entire length of the dipstick I'm aware the oil check ritual...
  2. Fork Leg Paint suggestions

    Other Honda
    Looking to freshen up my latest toy, the lower fork legs are a little tired / chipped / faded and looking to apply some satin black rattle can paint. Anyone recommend the process / materials ie what primer/ etch, top coat and any clear laquer please, please don't be scared about naming names...
  3. Fuel petcock and tap

    How to.....
    Hi I want to replace the petcock and fuel tap on my AT. Previous owner repaired with a nail and some duct tape. Does anybody know whether another Honda model will fit an AT or is it best to buy an original part. They are quite expensive here in South Africa, but the tap is getting difficult...
  4. vara 125, HELP starter and downpipes/ collectors wanted, limited funds

    just for a change heres somebody wanting stuff as cheap as poss, sorry, q1, does anyone know if any other Honda starters will fit and work on my vara 125, just so I can broaden my search for a used part? q2, my exhaust is trash at the moment I am scared to even look at it for fear of it...
  5. Transalp fuel useage

    Hi I have been struggling with heavy fuel useage for a while. I must admit that I'm not scared to open the throttle every once in a while. Can my fellow Transalpers please let me know what your fuel useage are, I get 220km on a 17l tank unleaded. Stiaan
  6. project bike

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi there... so, my recent mechanical "exploits" have encouraged me to look for a project bike...I have seen the africa twin/dominator threads but I am scared of approaching anything that big/difficult myself. The idea is to buy something cheap, and slowly do it up to new/better than new myself...
  7. First start after many years

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I bought an africa twin that was in a terrible state. It has since recieved a major facelift and a top end engine rebuild. I have put oil in the bike but before i press the start button, i wanted to know if anyone has some tips on how to try and make the first start as smooth as possible...
  8. Bit scared now

    Well after 7 years of being the Lead Nurse Practitioner in general surgery I've finished. My last shift was Wednesday and I start my new job as Senior Nurse tomorrow. I had a fantastic leaving party with both doctors and nurses that I have worked with over the 7 years coming to say...
  9. Big balls?

    Would ya, could ya ? YouTube - Big Balls Trail Ride.mp4
  10. Scared of Heights

    Neither am I, very much but for Caitie M's birthday we took her to go ape at margam park It was brilliant but I did squeal like a little girl YouTube - SANY0160 YouTube - Go Ape Bo zip to cargo net YouTube - Go Ape 2009 It cost £25 per person but we spent over 2 hours on the activities and...
  11. Who's scared of Vader

    Come on LV you said we should be scared, What have you done to your battle plough, when are we going to see the new JCB colour scheme :hitler::hitler::hitler:
  12. Be scared,be very scared......

    Soon my little Panzer will be revealed with his new Battle decore:blob4::blob5::toothy7::blob4::blob5::toothy7: Remember the VADER on my Vara.......:D:hitler::hitler::hitler::hitler:
  13. I'm not scared...

    of any side winds.....
  14. Changed front tyre - now me scared !

    Africa Twin
    Ok, this has been done a squillion times and it's probably a silly question, but paranoia is kicking in ! I've just changed the front for a Metzeler Tourance but when I was inflating it it never 'banged' or 'popped' as a tubeless usually does. Is this correct ? I can see the line above the...