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  1. Fork help from accross the pond

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, First post from across the pond, what a great board. I wish we had AT in the states. I mean old school AT that is. I have a 1989 TA that has 11k on the clock. I love the old school bikes, reminds me of my younger day:) So I'm doing the AT RD03 swing arm swap so I can have disc brakes. I...
  2. Milan bike show.

    My son just got back from a weekend trip to the motorbike show that was on in Milan this weekend with his class from technical school which was paid for by Danish Metalworkers Trade Union. As expected he had a great time and took loads of photos. I thought you might like to see some of the...
  3. Carb tuning

    I am about to try and tune my flatside carb when I get my bike started :D:D:D I used one of these on an old Z650 I had alongside a balancer guage I have. Do you reckon this will work on my Keihin FCR flatside that I want on my Dommie. I know these days we have gone digital with Co2 but I love...
  4. Velocity stack

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know where I can get hold of an aluminium velocity stack/ bellmouth with an inside diameter of 55mm or 2 1/4 inch for you old school chaps. Its for sucking small children and little old ladies into my Keihin FCR-MX flatside carb. I can only find them in the states and the price...
  5. Platanos Kynourias and the cherry festival

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last weekend we had the owner to participate on the cherry festival that took place on Platanos Kynourias village A small village in Peloponese,22.6566576/37.3235593,22.6566637/@37.2637146,22.7443509,12z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e2?hl=el unique with friendly...
  6. i thought dommies were "old school"

    Dominator / FMX
    seems a bit OTT for a dominator but i suppose it would be cool to play around with the mapping. (until it blows up)
  7. Please school me on RD03 carbs

    Africa Twin
    The carbs are now out of the carbs. They will be degreased, cleaned up, covers will be zinc plated, and carbs will be rebuilt. I popped the covers and found the rubber diaphragms to be ain good shape. No tear or crack. Nonetheless, I wonder what's the purpose of the pistons and diaphragm. What...
  8. Aim For The Horizon-Western Europe now free to watch online.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hello everybody, Old school members will already know a few years ago I made a feature length documentary called Aim For The Horizon. It has been on sale for years but I have decided to upload it and let people watch it for free. Adventure Motorcycle Western Europe - Free Online Video...
  9. FAO Raymo

    Other Honda
    Here ya go Ray, after our little chat at the big trailie national recently look what I've just seen on ebay. I know the seller as well, nice bloke, real old school biker :) HONDA XLV750 Shaft Drive Dual sport adventure bike - XLV 750 with LOTS of spares | eBay cheers, Bob.
  10. Xr 250l/Baja

    Has anyone fitted electric start engine or bottom end from L or Baja model into the 96 on Honda xr 250. I have a little used 03 xr250 and and had knee surgery recently Has anyone seen one of these bikes in a breakers recently,CRf or wr is not the answer I know there lighter faster but I'm as an...
  11. Motoscotland and Kirsty's kids

    Charity Events
    Folks. Just a heads up for next weekend of the 2nd and 3rd August. Motoscotland (offroad riding school) are having an open weekend in aid of Kirsty's Kids and if you get the chance please pop along. As well as test rides etc there will be some bikers clubs and riding institutions present. Lots...
  12. Advice needed

    came out of my house to be greeted with the sight of my xl650 flat on it's side, a mother on the school run reversed into it and it took quite a whack. took it to the garage and found out the right hand bar riser had snapped in the yoke on top of the fairings cracked mountings all snapped...
  13. Adventure bike days on Salisbury Plain

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Ladies and Gents, A friend of mine runs a riding school on Salisbury Plain. He focusses mainly on small bikes but is branching out in to Adventure bike days. I joined him on the AT to help out on his first event last weekend and would encourage any of you who are thinking about going off...
  14. XT660Z Tenere?

    Hi guys. I'm looking for opinions on the Yamaha XT660Z Tenere. I've got my Land Rover up for sale and once sold I'm thinking of buying one. I've read countless reviews and a few blokes I know own them. One is an 08 plate with 50,000+ miles on the clock and the other is a 13 plate with about...
  15. Wanted: DSLR

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    HI all, justwondering if anyone is upgrading frome their intro dslr outfits, I used to have a ricoh set up years ago and loved it, but nobody does the old school films these days and to buy new just isn't an option. Anything outthere for about £150? Or am I being too unrealistic, and could I...
  16. Recommended repair like Dave Wilkins around Bovingdon/Hemel/Berkhamstead

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I've recently moved out of London for a bit of country life, and one of the things I'm going to miss the most from London is the awesome service I got from Dave Wilkins in Penge. My Africa Twin died last night on the M1, and I had it dragged home to Bovingdon. So now I'm looking for a service...
  17. Meesh's "beautiful dad" takes final bow...:-(

    Meesh has asked me to let you guys and gals know that her (in her own words) "beautiful dad" passed away peacefully, a few days ago, after a very difficult few months. Those of us who had been fortunate enough to meet him in person, will remember him as a very fine, old school, kind, English...
  18. Daddys little helper

    Dominator / FMX
    My son has been helping me repair my Dominator and as he was such a willing and helpfull assistant, I promised we would video him starting the bike to show off to the girls at school and make his plastic scooter riding mates jealous. Hair was gelled and shades were donned and xbox turned...
  19. special tools needed for swing arm?

    Dominator / FMX
    hola, re-greasing the swing arm bearings and possible fitting a grease nipple ( why isnt there one as standard?) is next on my list. i have heard some hondas have pre-loaded bearings needing a special tool to remove. does a dominator have that or just old school bearings and spindle. thank you.
  20. Some dog owners. I ask you

    Why do some dog owners just exasperate me? let me tell you. Round the corner from my house is a nursery and primary (infant) school and the footpath leading to and past it has always lumps of dog ****e lying around which no doubt will end up on some parent's carpet or inside some kid's mouth...