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  1. National history and science museum

    Africa Twin
    Anyone up for a ride down to visit the history museum on sunday
  2. Heads up

    I found this on the internet while having my morning cuppa and reading the papers. :clown::clown::clown: Pretty cool huh and a nice bike too.
  3. At last a businessman with a conscience

    Good on him BBC News - UK's biggest taxpayer, John Caudwell, on tax avoidance
  4. Science can be fun !

    We never had fun demos like this when I was at school !! Made for each other: liquid nitrogen and 1,500 ping-pong balls ? The Register
  5. Son's science homework - calling Xander

    My son's science homework is baffling us. Any experts out there (Xander)? A group of organs that work together to carry out special jobs is called??? A lining thing - an animal, plant or microbe is called? (They come in that order after Organ and before Reproductive in the alphabet) Also, A...