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  1. Heading fairing.

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I own a RD07 but recently when I went to purchase a windscreen for my A twin, I realised that it was totally different. Apparently my A twin's front cowl is different compared to all the other RD07's. Others happen to have a different shape to mount the screen on, and one distinct...
  2. Help

    Hi all i hope some one can help me with my query i have owned a Transalp 600 years ago and am seriously looking at getting a newer 650 version but i understand that it will come with a PAIR or some such thing and perhaps other power sapping emisions equip will i find the bike underpowered for...
  3. Tricked out Varadero

    Anyone got the scoop on the following bike? I get really excited whenever I see this pic. Who built it? Country? etc...I think it may be an Italian creation. Anyone know?
  4. Scooters... top ten uses....

    1. Completely dissemble the scooter… put all five pieces into a box.. Stamp Airfix on the lid and give to you 4 year old to reassemble at Christmas. 2. Turn the scooter upside down… scoop out the guts and hey presto. A jelly mould. 3. Paint the scooter bright red and add a few round black...
  5. Seats Again

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Just been looking around the forum at various solutions to the @ seat problem. I think everyone is agreed that they are crap. I know there is the crowd that wil scoop a bit of foam out for £15.00 but they're up in Leicester, I'm not and my arse won't take the trip. Has any one had any...