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  1. My 97 AT I just picked up

    Africa Twin
    I had passed on a few bikes and finally came acroos this 97 AT. It will do for now while I look for my RD04. I have an RD03 back in the states already so figured the rd04 will be good to have also. In the meantime 8 months w/o a bike and just a scooter was enough
  2. what to look for on used RD03

    Africa Twin
    Going to look at an RD03 this weekend. Any specifics to look for? I will be checking wheels/front end for play, rust issues and just overall condition. My concern more for the sprocket spline issue I suppose. Other than worn splines anything else there to look for when I check it out. Hoping...
  3. Une nouvelle règle Française pour les motocyclistes ... !

    Annonce de service public: Looks like All riders of a motorcycle, scooter, trike or quad in France will have to wear motorcycle gloves from 20th November 2016 onwards. And passengers will have to wear gloves as well. So don't get caught out if you've any trips planned through France, or else...
  4. Honda to unleash mad 750 adventure scooter

    Honda to unleash mad 750 adventure scooter | MCN Just what is the point of this bike? Shame they are not releasing new Transalp....
  5. New Influx Magazine - Scooter Mania and Teenage Kicks

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to drop in and let you know about the new edition of Influx Magazine. This month we’ve been chatting with veterans of the scooter scene, we headed to the coast to shoot scooters by the seaside, and we’ve been looking back at the post-war history of scootering and...
  6. Dies after a minute ... then starts after a little break

    Sorry guys ... not the right place on the TA forum I know (although I've still got her ;)) ... the problem is with my daughters scooter. Driving me nuts it is ... starts ok, runs for a minute, then dies a slow death. Wait a minute or so, and repeat the process. Anyone know of a website with all...
  7. Honda adventure scooter-PS250

    Other Honda
    Saw this 'adventure' scooter at Calne bike day, something different, the pillion seat folds up as a backrest as shown. A 250 single with the usual belt drive variable transmission.
  8. Wanted: Honda Helix

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I am currently seriously considering buying an old Honda Helix Scooter. I have had Silverwings before and currently have a new SH125 as my daily commuter, however I do fancy a Helix! Somas I am currently researching them I came across this Advert for the Helix from 1986! This has to...
  9. Vespa Launch new adventure scooter. BMW bothered.

    Vespa prototipo volante - YouTube Featuring beautiful women and great tailoring.
  10. Daddys little helper

    Dominator / FMX
    My son has been helping me repair my Dominator and as he was such a willing and helpfull assistant, I promised we would video him starting the bike to show off to the girls at school and make his plastic scooter riding mates jealous. Hair was gelled and shades were donned and xbox turned...
  11. Honda reveals 3 new models

    Honda UK have announced 3 new models on there facebook page today one is a sporty scooter thing, another is modern remake of the CB1100 which looks nice and retro modern, the other is a dakar bike. Anybody on FB can view it here...
  12. cheap hack bike

    need some advice on a cheap bike to use as a hack for few months as my Vara is out of action :( my work means i have a bit of travel so need something that can handle motorways even a big scooter would do me any ideas people? cheaper the better!!!!
  13. Smells of Summer!

    I was trundling Westwards down the M54 after being to look at a possible new purchase and in the distance, I could see a little convoy of bikes. As I was "making good progress", I soon caught up with the cloud of smog that was trailing the convoy. Ahhh, the smell of multiple 2 strokes being...
  14. Should BMW be worried?

    Found this elsewhere. Seems that Yamaha have come up with an off-road scooter in response to calls from scooter riders after the floods in Thailand. So, do you reckon BMW should be worried? :D 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam -...
  15. new xl700v tank covers cheap? 48euro + postage.

  16. Headlight protector to adapt on RD03/07

    Africa Twin
    I just found this headlight protector for a Honda scooter...and fits 6 inches headlights....I plan to adapt it to my RD03 wich has 5.5 inches and nice....for a weekend project.... Here's the link.... eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods...
  17. For Sale: scooter in bath

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Sym Jet Basix 50.12 months MOT, 2005, black, 8000km on the clock. No tax, due to new laws- currently SORN. Has been a cat. 3 insurance write off in the past, since fixed up. Not perfect cosmetic condition, but functions fine. New rear tyre fitted for MOT, otherwise passed no issues. Starts first...
  18. Sporty scooter

    Buell / Harley Davidson
  19. Scooter recommendations - yes, a scooter :)

    Hi there, my brother in law has got a new job, but this new job is located nowhere near a bus route. He's not a bike type but is seriously considering a scooter. I had a wee Aprilia 5or so years ago (didnt give me a minutes trouble!) so dont really know anything about them. He's a grown up and...
  20. China: 2 thieves on a scooter lose big-time

    Well done that man!!! - AWESOME: Chinese man throws bicycle at thieves.........AWESOMELY AWESOME: As they ride past him on their motor-scooter