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  1. New Tyres

    Africa Twin
    Hello, i am going to need new tyres for my africa twin 650 xrv RD03. Any suggestions? i am using PIRELLI SCORPION TRAIL, and i am thinking of try something else. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks very much
  2. Tyre question

    HI all, i would like to get pirelli scorpion A/T tyres for my 600 transalp. i can get 90/90-21 front in Tube type, problem is can only get Tubeless type tyres in the 130/80-17 which is fitted to my bike. currently running TKC80 but they wear out too quiclky and i do large mileages. question is...
  3. Which exhausts ?

    I have decided to purchase a new set of exhausts for my 2012 Vara. My original choice was Akraprovic but unfortunately my few years of ummmiiiinnng and aaahhhiinnnggg means I can't get them now due to the main importer not having any left and not able to get them. The question I put to you...
  4. xr 125 knobblies

    hi guys not posted in a while because ive been busy sorting out work stuff. but ive just been randomly looking on ebay for the usual mods for the bike and come across these if anyone needs any for there xr 125 if someone has one out there TYRES HONDA XR125L Motocross Pirelli Scorpion Rear...
  5. Fitting a 150/70-R17 Pirelli Scorpion Trail on RD07 rim is a no-go

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    This is pretty much a heads up for anyone else who might be considering the Scorpion Trails in 150/70-R17 on their RD07/RD07A. It will not fit, not even close. *sigh*
  6. Wanted: Wanted scorpion link pipe rd04

    For Sale / Wanted
    Any one got one doing nothing:-)
  7. Pirelli Scorpion

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hi, Anyone runing these tyres Pirelli Scorpion MT90 A/t on TA 650 or Pirelli Scorpion MT90 street, what sort of wear and milage I,m looking at 75% road and about 25% trail but at the same time get good road grip when wet. Any advice welcome Tankyou
  8. Prepping the Vara

    Bodgers Corner
    Gradually coming together now for Morocco Trip less than 3 weeks away:p Scorpion Cans fitted (Steve T of this parrish should remember them. Had them in the cellar for several years now! Should scare the goats off the road:D Tube for fishing rods fixed to top-box. New Shortie screen bodged...
  9. honda xr 125 l tyres? what will fit

    hi all i dont know if there is any posts on this but i need new tires for my bike but i want like motocross ones. ive got pirelli mt 60's on at the moment but the back was a advisory on the last mot :( need to find out what will fit on the bike has anyone got any idea? ive seen some enduro ones...
  10. First time off roading the DR

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Me and Hudders decided to meet up at Jellys with the DR's and explorer some of the lanes the Peak District have to offer Once we had had our fill of Julies epic breakfast we set about the task in hand. I was more than a little nervous, partly due to my lack of off road ability and partly due to...
  11. Pirelli Scorpion ST vs Metzler Tourance

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hi all Hopefully someone can help me out here. Those people at Pirelli have decided to stop making by beloved scorpion ST, so I am stuck what to get next. I read in an article that the metzler tourance ( not the exp ) have the same rubber compound that the pirelli scorpion st. Now, I can't find...
  12. Honda XR600R 1986 parts

    Iv taken my Honda xr600r apart as I'm doing it up over the winter, I'm wondering what's the best usd forks I can put on??? Also I'm wondering what's the best wheel to fit to make it a supermoto for road?? I'm selling the forks, wheels, scorpion exhaust and 2 brand new continental tyres, photos...
  13. Pirelli Scorpion Rally tyres, to fit Vara.

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Just ordered a set of these, for the Vara. Good looking tyres, and some nice things said about them in the states. Anyone else running/run these? How are they? I'm aware there were Dakar rally issues with them vrs. Mich. Deserts a couple of years ago, but they come in my size!! I'll let you...
  14. For Sale: Landrover Rangerover wheels & tyres FOR SALE ( Collect)

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD & COLLECTED Here we have a set of landrover ( Rangerover) P38 wheels with Pirelli Scorpion 255/55 18 tyres ( 4 to 5 mm tread on all) I bought these to put onto my Landrover Defender TD5 for summer use........ (Yeap I now know they don't fit and learn eh!) So How...

    Hi, Every one, Yesterday I was tempted by a 09 gs adventurer 1800 yes 1800 miles, up at a local yamaha dealer for just over £9000, On the way traveling 0n my 08 varadero I soon started to wonder why I wanted to change !, After a few more fast twisty peg down bends & with the raw of the scorpion...
  16. Need a new helmet, anyone tried the Scorpion Air?

    I'm kind of torn between a flip front and an MX style helmet, leaning towards an MX one at the moment. The Scorpion air with the pump-up cheeks sound interesting, has anyone got one or tried one on? The manufacturers blurb sounds good but then they always do? Scorpion VX-17 Air Cavalera Red
  17. Scorpion helmets..good bad unknown?

    Seen a nice flip front helmet from a company called Scorpion - USA company. Nice lid - very good build quality and feel - excellent fit. Converts to openface with peak. Openface has a decent open stop to prevent the face dropping down. usual inner sunglass thingy. Anyone got experience of...
  18. For Sale: Pirelli Scorpion st for Africa twin used pair

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Used for 2,000 miles. Appear ok for another 3k at least as I ride that is. Front and rear. I have ordered a set of tkc and therefore these will not be needed. Believe cost about £140 new for pair looking for £85 Inc mainland uk delivery. Will be ready for sending end of next week.
  19. Pirelli Scorpion Trial

    Pirelli Scorpion Trail Just got a couple of Scorpion Trails on my -97 Transalp. I asked for Tourances or Anakees but they where all out of them. I've read a couple of reviews on the Trails and they seem to be OK for me. 95% tarmac, dry and wet + 5% hard gravel. I did a search here to see if...
  20. Scorpion pipe on a 650GS.... info please.

    Other Bikes
    And also opinions, all appreciated. Would a Scorpion carbon pipe from a Yamaha FZ1 work on a 650 GS ????? Come on clever bods, tell me. Or will the resistance it offers the single not be enough, as well as the silencing, would that be around the legal level, if it starts life as a road legal...