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  1. Transalp
    My Italian is, shall we say less than perfect, but if I understand the text enough, then this 1991 Transalp has got a new custom made rear subframe and the bodywork is made of fiberglass. I can imagine my self plotting around on twisty roads on a simillary scramblerized Transalp.
  2. Moto Guzzi
    Moto Guzzi Nevada Scrambler | Bike EXIF Pleasing to the eye!
  3. BMW Perhaps not the best looking bike in the world, but interesting just as well. I guess you all seen this one? That is a nice bike!
  4. Triumph
    I found this picture on the web and was wondering if any of you triumph experts could help me find a place where I can find some headers like the ones on this bike. I am building a Honda Dominator flat tracker and would really like to get hold of a pair.:thumbup:
  5. Competitions / Trials
    At Glen Fruin, above Faslane Naval base, should be fun. http://
  6. Dominator / FMX
    GO TO POST #84 TO SEE PICS OF FINISHED BIKE, ALL OTHER PHOTO'S FROM THIS THREAD WERE LOST WHEN PHOTOBUCKET CHANGED THE WAY IT OPERATES some of you may remember the flattracker type bike i built a year or so back,you can read all about it here if your interested...
  7. Moto Guzzi
    ITALIAN MOTOR magazine: V7 Scrambler from Portugal
  8. Other Honda
    I like the first one. The second one is a Honda FTR. It is a 223 cc single making just under 20 BHP. It looks the part and at 120kg would fit on the back of my VW camper van within loading limits. That has got to be better than a plastic scooter. Asking price for a ten year old bike around...
  9. Triumph
    love this bike, Riding Hammarhead Industries Jack Pine Triumph Scrambler- Lone Pine, CA watch the video,looks a lot of fun
  10. Bike Comms & Audio
    When out with our mates we tend to chose a pmr radio channel we all tune in to and scramble it if we desire. But what about when you're out 'Norman no mates', what is the channel to use? If you see a rider with curly wires coming from his helmet or a mike boom he may fancy a quick eyeball. So...
  11. Triumph
    Just add a white open face helmet and som retro googles. + Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots + A Belstaff or Barbour jacket Or if you can afford it: Mr Mudd and Mr Gold
  12. Bultaco
    Thanks for starting the Bultaco Subgroup up. Ok to get things going I thought that we could start by finding how many of Senior Bulto's creations are lurking out there amongst you.. I have a Bultaco Mk12 Pursang, from about 1976 Its a twin shock scramble bike 250cc and Ive had it for over...
  13. Chatter
    Hi, is this anyone on here? Silsden motorcyclist 8:30am Thursday 6th August 2009 By Alistair Shand A Silsden motorbiker has spoken of the terrifying moment he and five colleagues were almost swept away by a flash flood in Morocco. Chris Banks and his fellow bikers managed to scramble to...
  14. Riding
    Jay has asked the National park the following question he has now received this email from the national park regarding access to these areas and other "RUPPs" in Wales
  15. Other Bikes
    I guess you all seen them before, but they are new to me. Looks great, although I have my doubts about the Scramblers ability in the mud,,, The Sport in the Gulf Livery is so sweet looking:
  16. Competitions / Trials
    Hey there Honda trail riders, I am new to this forum, from what I understand that this is mainly a big bike site but I am seriously seeking help with my list of questions regarding set up for my 2001 HONDA CR 250 R – two stroke motocross bike for Erzberg. I previously posted these questions in...
  17. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    This is my first post. Hello everyone, When I saw a Honda rider based web-site, for a moment I thought all my dreams had come true. I need Honda related Erzberg questions answered really bad. As the time draws nearer to this ridiculous event , I have no one to talk to , about how to...
  18. Competitions / Trials
    I bumped into Austin and Gerald Vince (Of Terra Circa fame) today and they told me of this great little jolly they are involved with in the Pyranees. It looks fantastic and is cheap too. They are offering 100 places with 2 days riding and 3 nights accom in a 4 star hotel.£170 all in. Its a...
  19. Africa Twin
    After packing everything up last Thursday for a four day tour of the Isle of Wight, I came bombing down to catch the 8.00pm ferry. Having reached the outskirts of Southampton, the @ decided that enough was enough, and subsequently the sump plug came undone... with the oil light blinding me, i...
1-20 of 25 Results