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  1. Wanted: xl500s cylinder barrel wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    need a cylinder barrel for my xl500s as mine is bored out to 1mm over and is now scrap so i need to either get it relined or get a barrel that i can get rebored to either 0.25 or 0.50
  2. AT forks

    Africa Twin
    I'm after a bit of tech info, so.... Does anyone have a set of 750 AT forks in bits or plan to renew a fork seal shortly and happy to do a bit of measuring up? Also a set of stock fork springs required, failing that a pair of scrap forks would do (free or :) Cheers Phil
  3. XL500 race cam

    Hi, I'm looking for XL500 high lift cam. Megacycle 144-21 or 144-20 preferred... or Joy cam. Will accept a scrap one to copy profile. Thanks, Spike
  4. Minsters to scrap hated L-test for bikers

    Road safety minister Mike Penning has sounded the death knell for the unpopular and widely criticised swerve test for learner bikers wanting to get a full licence. Announcing the results of the review of the test launched earlier this year he said a the altered driving exam would include "a new...
  5. XR 600R from the scrap heap

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi i have just recsued a XR 600R from the dump as yet i have no idea what year it is, or where to get spare parts for it. Having only just joined this group i have no idea how to post pictures of it.
  6. When do you call it a day and scrap your AT?

    Africa Twin
    When do you call it a day and send your beloved AT on that final journey? My '94 RD07 failed its MOT. The mechanic reckons the wear is so bad that the bearing fixtures have ovalled. Is this possible? I have sourced a fixer who can rebuild with nylon bushes for £50, is this recommended? The...