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  1. What touches down first?

    Africa Twin
    :?:Awhile back, someone ( blackbird rider ) said to me that a a friend of his had the same bike as me @ and that it was great for scraping the pegs on corners. Mine makes sparks like a grinder from the belly pan, and a bit of wear on my boot toes. ( only when playing on a race tracks) but the...
  2. clank-scrape-clank when accelerating

    Africa Twin
    clank-scrape-clank...with clutch out Hi all I noticed yesterday a clanking scraping knocking sound when I accelerate. It's either coming from directly beneath or behind me. I thought at first it was the plastic chain guard getting caught but I can't see how. Anyone got any suggestions where I...
  3. Sunday Tinkering

    Thats what Sundaays are for right? Well, once the Moto GP is finished and if you're not going out for a ride :) Replaced my dead numberplate bulb...what a thoroughly overengineered thing that is! Shouldn't be surprised really what with it being a Honda and everything, but I WAS quite shocked...
  4. Scratching

    The other day, on my way home from work, I was going round a slow bend that I've done a thousand times before. The sort of slow in, full lean, power out bend that the vee twin seems to love so much. Anyway, half way round I felt the toe edge of my size 46 Sidi scrape the tarmac and I wasn't even...
  5. Got my first @

    Africa Twin
    Hey all, can't believe it. I went browsing online 1 week and 1 day ago to look for a motorbike, find this site, read all about your ups and downs with your respective @s and here I am, a proud owner of a '92 RD04 and I'm loving it too!!! :D:D:D Admittedly, there's a bit of work to be...
  6. Bleedin' Brakes.....

    Africa Twin
    It's been too long since I've been on the forum, so I reckon I've got a goodie to come back with!! I had a problem with the front brakes not releasing properly. It started kinda subtly :? and then got worse and worse to the extent that I was stuggling to get the bike on and off the stand-...
  7. What happened to Autumn?

    All those nice days of autumn seem to have just disappeared over night! Had to scrape Ice this morning. No fair! :cry:
  8. Foot Scraping Action

    Had the first service done yesterday ( thats a con, servicing isn't it. Nothing you cant do yaself) Into a corner on the way home. Tighter than I thought and managed to scrape the bottom of my left foot on the tarmac, twice! Second time thats happened on the Vara Now, are the pegs lower than...
  9. oh for fecks sake !!!

    driving from one site to another today im sitting in traffic on a small piece of dual carriageway my lane starts to move, i get up to about 10mph when this lad suddenly just swerves into the side of my van :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted...
  10. Southern Spain trip - advice/company

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Had a look through the forum and usual websites/books, but personal recommendation is always best IMO. I am planning to slowly extend my travels: Cambridge to Ipswich commute. Done. Cambridge to Oxford. Booked. Cambridge to Newport. Booked. Cambridge to Offenburg (South Germany). Nearly...
  11. Where's yours mounted...?

    Africa Twin
    I've had my 1991 RD04 for about a month now and think it's great. However, last week I was giving my girlfriend a lift to work on it one morning and as we were going over the numerous speed bumps in London, I could hear this scraping sound. Now you're probably thinking that she's a big heffer...
  12. Melted pannier residue on the exhaust!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks, I have melted my pannier on the exhaust comming back from Wales. It has left a very crusty black deposit that won't budge. I don't want to scrape it as I don't want to scratch the exhaust. How can I get it off? Does this need some kind of acid to dissolve it? Cheers Jon :D