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  1. Service Manual for '86 XR200R?

    Hi y'all, I'm looking for an online PDF for a 1986 XR200R service manual. I've scraped the internet to the best of my abilities, but have found nothing. Could anyone provide one? Thanks!
  2. The ALP as gone

    As a regular lurker and a very very occasional contributor i am leaving the fold, the ALP as gone! I owned her for 25 months and done 11,700 miles (total 15,400).She as never let me down (punctures excluded). The ALP was 1year old with 3,700 miles when i bought from Thunder Road Bridgend in...
  3. Which year to get?

    Hi, Can someone tell me the differences between XR400's from 1998 through to 2002 please (limited budget!). I stand a better chance of the boss letting me have one if it is cheaper - but I dont want to end up wishing I had scraped a couple of hundred more to get a much better bike. Cheers, Rob
  4. AT vs Cyclist

    Africa Twin
    It was a week ago today that i had to avoid killing a cyclist who pulled off the pavement in front of me as he looked up the hill and not down the hill until he was in my crosshairs !! i clipped kerb at 40mph and was off , 2 broken ribs , fractured radial (elbow) little finger dislocated in 2...
  5. Starter Solenoid 'Chatter'?

    I need a little bit of guidance please. XR250 Electric Start turned over a couple of times this morning and then the starter would start no more. (no Carter available?). Disengaging the starter gear and pressing the ignition starter button,the starter solenoid chatters like a magpie...
  6. Ahhhhh Thank Goodness for Crash bars

    Africa Twin
    Bend -----Ice ----slow ---OOOPS ----Straighten up ---slide ---- into ditch come to a halt. Thank goodness for Crash Bars, the damage consists of bent driving lamp bracket, broken indicator, scraped hand guard. Damage to person bruised wrist, aching ribs -----think its gonna be the cage...
  7. Reaching a whole new low!

    Interesting experience on the Vara this weekend. Couple of friends and I rode to Croyde in North Devon for a nights camping, the idea being to check our kit and load etc for the Stella. We were loaded up, but as it was only one night, not completely loaded up to the max. Anyway we had a really...
  8. Hi all - new (old) TA here.

    Sold my Vara to pay some bills and picked up an 87 Transalp for the winter. Just thought I'd say'hi', cos I'll probably be asking for help at some point :) I see dirty, scraped knuckles in my future. She's cosmetically awful, but a few days rubbing and spraying should sort that. Some plank...
  9. help please Valuation needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I am lookin at an @ its a 96 Rd07 its has 36,000Mls on the clock. Scraped / broken plastics , generally tatty. What would ye knowledgeable chaps estimate the value of the bike , roughly .

    Trying to fit the @ rubber boot over the facet fuel pump. Been at it over an hour, with no progress, lots of scraped hands, bent screwdrivers, 3 hernias. Tried microwaves, boiling water, fairy liquid, silicon spray, knifes from the kitchen drawer. Short of hand of god, what on earth am I...
  11. I Love Crash Bars.....

    Africa Twin
    Had my first motorbike 'accident' today - an idiot in a car decided to do a u-turn in the road whilst I was overtaking him. He didn't indicate or check his mirrors. Luckily I was only doing about 25mph and hit his door at about a 30 degree angle. Completely trashed his door and wing mirror...