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  1. Africa Twin
    Mines gone a bit manky. All screwed up. Would be nice to change them.
  2. Africa Twin
    The mixture on the front cylinder is rich and this foul the plugs up with carbon, which means I must clean or replace them often, the other cylinders fine,I did a trip to Malawi in October last year and had to change the plugs every 2000km. Is this the jets or air/ fuel mixture screwed?
  3. Dominator / FMX
    I am still having a problem getting my carb set up right. Jnr arrived today with a couple of plugs for me and I had charged the battery up. A couple of days ago I put a thinnner washer under the carb needle and screwed the idle jet screw so its only 1.5 turns out. I took the bike for spin and...
  4. Africa Twin
    Looking for some advise on my engine. Jack failed while working on the restoration and back end of bike came crashing down on itself. The shock was out of the bike as well as the swing arm links, so when the jack failed there was nothing to hold the bike's end.... When I was back to work on the...
  5. Africa Twin
    rear shocks fubared on my rd04 so i ring a breaker and he's only one on the shelf for an rd07, so i buy it thinking all that the difference is a bit longer length which i can live a search on here and its becoming obvious that i'm going to run into issues with the preload pipe...
  6. Africa Twin
    My Africa Twin 1993 does not have a petrol tap / fuel cock lever. I am trying to turn out a lever that can be screwed on to the tap spline; however I have no idea at which orientation the On, OFF and RESERVE is. Can anyone help with an image of an existing fuel tap?
  7. Dominator / FMX
    I've just picked up this rusty Vigor, amongst the catalogue of woes is that the dipstick can't be unscrewed when the oil is hot. When cold it unscrews easily enough. Has anyone else had this problem? I was thinking of dressing the threads a bit to slightly reduce the O/D, but I'm puzzled as to...
  8. Insurance
    I've been with Motorcycle Direct for 18 years and spoke to them today to advise change of address as we've moved. So they want £50 because of the address change and when I said they bike is currently on SORN they said oh we can't cover that someone will call you tomorrow to cancel your policy...
  9. Chatter
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  10. Africa Twin
    Know this has been "sort of " covered before, but does anyone know the precise distances and general spec to set up the lights on the @ ?? Been fiddling about with mine and I think I've screwed up :mad:
  11. Dominator / FMX
    I have my carbs off at the moment and we all know how hard it is to reach the slow jet screw so what is a good average number of turns out from fully screwed in.I ain't arsed if I'm out by 1/4 turn or so.any ideas just a rough estimate as I can't reach it when the carb is on.cheers folks.
  12. Chatter
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  13. Transalp
    So, a nice screw has found its way into the fleshy part of my still very pristine rear tyre....will deal with the puncture tomorrow and get the tube replaced...would a screw neatly screwed into the tyre compromise the tyre`s performance though....the screw itself seems to be a smallish one...
  14. Dominator / FMX
    Took the top off my motor last night to change the camchain and generally inspect everything and discovered two small cracks!! Was wondering if anyone had a head for sale? Its a 1992 model. cheers guys.
  15. Africa Twin
    My newly aquired AT is causing me even more financial woes now... Today my new caliper seals arrived and I stripped down the calipers to fit them. At 40,000 miles its something you really have to do. Upon dissasembly my heart started to sink.. I've seen this problem quite a lot with old...
  16. Transalp
    I seem to have overtightened two of the screws that hold what the Honda manual calls the Upper Cover. When trying to remove them now, they just want to spin and not disengage from the rubber/brass nut behind. HELP! :banghead:
1-16 of 17 Results