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  1. RD04 Water ingress clear coat/film on tank?

    Africa Twin
    Hello Everyone, I came out to find what appears to be a clear film separating from the tank with water or air trapped underneath, after a night of heavy downpour. The safety stickers appear to be on the outside which suggests that this clear coating is original. Has anyone experienced anything...
  2. Rugged Roads XRV Indicators question

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, If anybody has bought the indicators from rugged roads could you please tell me what bulb it uses, If it has the foam seal inside like the oem does ? And is the lens the same as the oem? If you could upload a photo of the rugged roads lens & bulb it would be great :) Here is one...
  3. XR250R fork seal covers

    Hi im rebuilding a 2002 XR250R for a friend but he does not want gaiters so i need to find dust caps im in UK Thanks
  4. XL600R front axle issue.

    Hi all A couple of months ago I bought a 1984 XL600R which seems to have had a hard life. The idea being to strip it down, clean it up and sort it out so that I have a decent looking bike that I can enjoy getting dirty again. My latest problem has got me stumped and I'm hoping someone will be...
  5. Fork seals

    Any prefered brand ? 2010 700 a bit out of touch with who make quality product these days. front end is coming out as i have a slight weep on one leg and the headrace is a little notchy. got new koyo bearings and motul syntetic 10w oil just need some seals now. quite like the look of these...
  6. Dominator Exhaust Replacement Options

    Dominator / FMX
    I am thinking of maybe getting replacement exhausts / silencers, mine are standard If you have replaced your Dominator exhausts, I would love to find out all about them Please could you answer these questions to help me decide What is the make of your replacements ? How much were they in...
  7. RD07A Pod air filters mod

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone had any experience with pod filters such as those that can be used on the Honda Hawk My airbox has seen better days I think the snokel pipes have shrunk / degraded...
  8. RD07A Water pump weep hole

    Africa Twin
    Hi fitting new chain/ oil change etc yesterday have noticed that I have a very small ,really small weep of coolant from weep hole .It would be only a single drip gathering at the lowest part of the waterpump casing over a 24 hr period ,have placed kitchen roll below area and nothing over night...
  9. For Sale: Various New Old Stock RD03 & RD04 Swing Arm Bearings and Seals

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a selection of new bearings left over that are no longer of use to me: - 91071-KS6-004 x4 Swing Arm Needle Bearing 52141-MM9-000 x2 Swing Arm Bearing 52473-MS8-000 x2 Rear shock linkage Bearing 52144-KR8-005 x2 Swing Arm Dust Seals 91254-KS6-003 x1 Dust Seal 52109-MM9-300 x2 Swing...
  10. Front and Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

    Dominator / FMX
    Front and Rear Wheel Bearings I wish to replace my 89 Dominator Front and Rear Wheel bearings Any tips and tricks please? I already have the bearings and seals
  11. 1995 600 size of collector outlet

    (or) I wish I hadn't bothered but it had to be done lol My original standard silencer has some small holes in it so I decided to remove it and patch it up. It was a heck of a job trying to get it loose from the downpipe but it finally came away or so I thought. It had only taken the collector...
  12. sprocket carrier bearing seal

    my sprocket carrier bearing is knackered and I need to replace it and the seal that covers it . the seal that wemoto offers is the wrong size and I feel this is the reason the bearing failed . I have found a cheaper alternative koyo bearing on ebay from brooksbarn Honda XL 600 VK Transalp 1990...
  13. Tubed tyres and punctures - Is there a good product that works?

    Africa Twin
    My last bike (600 Alp) and my new AT both have tubed tyres, and it was always in the back of my mind "What happens if I get a puncture?" I've literally no idea how to change the inner tubes, even though I must have watched a dozen You Tube Videos on 'how-to'. Plus, I really dont fancy the...
  14. valve stem seals

    Dominator / FMX
    Bike is starting to smoke quite a bit now so am having a top end refresh valve seats recut and valves.Having trouble obtaining genuine Honda valve stem seals are they still available ? I have been to the usual suspects Fowlers ,Dave Silver, Wemoto. Obviously I would like to fit best available...
  15. AT forks

    Africa Twin
    I'm after a bit of tech info, so.... Does anyone have a set of 750 AT forks in bits or plan to renew a fork seal shortly and happy to do a bit of measuring up? Also a set of stock fork springs required, failing that a pair of scrap forks would do (free or :) Cheers Phil
  16. For Sale: Various bits for sale 02

    For Sale / Wanted
    All NOS... Honda part numbers 91307-PH7-660 and 90112-MT3-000 Honda OEM O Ring (13.5X1.4) Screw Pan 6x20 Honda part numbers 91201-MF2-003 and 50524-MN8-000 OIL SEAL (12X28X7) Rubber, stand stopper Honda part number 91302-MB0-013 O-Ring Water Pump 32.95x2.62 Offer for the lot?
  17. Hi needed possibly right fork leg 1998 africa twin

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, NOT going to beleive this, bought a af about 3 months ago, now last few days discovered a oil leek, now first thought brake caliper front as oil at the bottom of that. Then checked took the pads out cleaned up NOT caliper, caliper now dry must be fork seal checked that off no forks dry...
  18. Clutch push rod oil seal

    a question from one of my friends :: Any idea how to take off and replace this oil seal Clutch push rod oil seal ? do you need to take the whole engine apart ? vara 2004 ? i checked the old service manual but it looks like this is needed thanks :)
  19. Wanted: Africa Twin RD04 Low Fuel Level Sensors (Non-Functioning or Functioning)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Africa Twin RD04 Low Fuel Level Sensors (Non-Functioning or Functioning) Wanted: Two low fuel level sensors to seal a spare tank while in storage. The plugs may be non-functioning or failed sensors. Thanks in advance! David
  20. Wanted: Africa Twin RD04 Low Fuel Level Sensors (Non-Functioning or Functioning)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted: Two low fuel level sensors to seal a spare tank while in storage. The plugs may not need to be functioning. Thanks in advance! David