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  1. Exaust tape/paste

    Africa Twin
    I finally ordered and recieved my new Arrow PD exhaust. Looking forward to getting it installed but Curious about what I call exhaust tape that is very similar to putty sort of. Does anyone use it over here? I notice a lot of folks using exhaust paste but that looks to be a messy setup. Any...
  2. Transalp 600 oil pressure boss crack

    Hi, I've just seen the boss which holds the oil pressure sensor has a crack, probably from over-tightening the sensor. I'm thinking of drilling a channel on the length of the crack, clean it and put some Al epoxy then some tiger seal at the end of the boss just as a sealant. I don't know...
  3. Petrol tank sealant

    I am getting ready to test fire my dommie but before I do I want to clean the tank out and seal it with a resin compound so I dont get crap sucked into my carb. Any suggestions. I have used something called Petseal a few years ago but I am sure technology has moved on while I have been building...
  4. Airbox problem

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I've got an RD07a which has a broken seal where the oil breather pipes goes into the airbox. (Even I have trouble understanding that sentence so best refer to the pictures below.) The area circled in red has brown oily gunk coming out and the rubber seal has clearly given up. The...
  5. Base gasket sealant- how to apply?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Engine is coming back together, but wasn't sure how to apply sealant to the base gasket. Do I apply any? Both sides? One side? Which side? They are a metal pressed base gasket. Thanks, James
  6. attaching an new exhaust

    I won an auction for a laser pro can with link pipe on ebay and as its the first time I put another can on a bike, do I need to use some kind of sealant between the pipe and the exhaust? completey foreign to me so any pointers will help
  7. gasket sealer or not ?

    Ok whilst I am waiting for the bits to arrive for my 600XL engine I could do with some advice re gaskets. I have ordered a complete new gasket set my question is should I also apply some gasket sealant to the gaskets as well, as I imagine the aluminum castings are not as flat and true as they...
  8. Rusty petrol tank

    Mechanical Advice
    I am fettling my KMX200 with a view to finally getting it on the road!! I got it out a few days ago and before doing anything checked the fuel tank which I see has some low level rust in it, nothing too awful that I can see... :) I have gone for the wash and then soak with a sequence of...
  9. Africa Twin Misfire Issue Rectified!

    Africa Twin
    Hi all & thanks for the helpful posts on here, I have managed to sort my RD03 misfiring problem because of a post I read. Whilst I'm on about it, Thanks to Mandy & Steve from Devon, where I bought the bike in January this year, who located a spare CDI unit for me to try! It helped to locate the...
  10. Fuel Tank Repair in or near London?

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know of a good place to have my tank repaired in or around London? It only had the smallest of leaks which I think was on the seam, I've since used a tank sealant that I haven't tried yet but as I've now stripped the whole bike back to a frame it seems a little bit of a bodge to not have...
  11. Fuel Exhaust

    Just bought a Fuel Exhaust for my 650 Tranny and on their website it says this for sealing the exhaust connection: "You can use everyday bathroom and shower sealant as long as it is silicone based. Just use it sparingly around the inlet of the end can and also inside the pipe which mates up...
  12. Clutch slippage

    I've had to adjust my clutch fairly regularly for the last half a year and I'm beginning to run out of adjustment- yesterday I went to dive in front of a car and revs skyrocketed and I went exactly nowhere. :rolleyes:. So, I think it's new clutch time. (It's alright when I'm gentle with it, but...
  13. Free Tyre Sealant

    Discounts / Deals
    we've got an offer open to XRV members until end of November. Spend £50 and receive a free bottle of Ride-On Tyre Sealant worth £6.25. Just type TYRESEALANT in the coupon box on the shopping basket to receive your free bottle of Ride-On Tyre Sealant. Home - RUGGED ROADS - Honda BMW KTM...
  14. Exhaust paste or silicone gasket sealant?

    Mechanical Advice
    Thanks to a helpful member on here (thanks bazd) I've got a motad venom silencer and link pipe on its way to me. I don't have any exhaust paste for the link pipe, but I've got a tube of decent high temperature silicone sealant/instant gasket stuff (says it's OK for up to 500C). Does anyone...
  15. Discount - Ride-On Tyre Sealant

    Discounts / Deals
    We have been contacted by Ride-On and they have offered members of the forum a 10% discount on their Ride-On tyre sealant. Click on the image above to go straight to their website. When order please quote xrv10 to receive your 10% discount.
  16. Ride-on tyre sealant

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Although I'm tempted to get some tyre levers and carry a spare tube for my upcoming camping trip, I've never needed to replace a tube or tyre yet and not so confident of my ability to break the bead and sort it all out on the roadside. I'll probably give this a try myself when it comes to...
  17. tyre sealant

    Hi everyone Well the magnets in the dunlop 607s have worked their magic again. 5000mile on the dunlops, 1 new tube in the front and 3 rear inner tubes. Does that sealant type goo work. Not the foam stuff in a pressureised can but that other stuff you put in then blow the tyre up, and if you...
  18. Puncture Sealant

    Has anyone here ever used the stuff that you squirt into your tyres that is supposed to stop you getting a puncture? If so l would like your views on if it works or is it just a waste of time and money.