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  1. Best Parts Supplier UK

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on who to go to for parts? Who is the best / best value / most helpful supplier? I also need a new battery and was wondering if I should go for a direct replacement or find a more modern sealed battery? Cheers!
  2. Wheel bearings dilemma

    Africa Twin
    Should be replacing mine and I see that Honda has superseded the RS type (rubber/plastic seal) with Z ones with metal shield. These have less drag but aren't completelly sealed as RS ones. Any thoughts on why was this done or what are the benefits?
  3. Any one need calipers pistons

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. Couple years back I got new pistons for front calipers rd7 and never use them, they are genuine Honda steal sealed , any interest ? FROM HTC
  4. XL125 K2 headlamp

    It's a 6 volt sealed beam jobby. Anyone know where I can get one or an obvious replacement? Not listed at David Silver or any of the usual sources.
  5. Suspension linkage - Conversion to caged bearings?

    Africa Twin
    I'm in the process of renewing one of the bearings in the suspension linkage of my 2002 RD07A as it was a MoT failure. But I was wondering if it was possible to convert the loose needle bearings to sealed caged bearings. Has anyone done this? Is it worthwhile? What are the benefits? Iain
  6. Wanted: RD04 side stand switch

    For Sale / Wanted
    hey folks I'm after a side stand switch for my rd04 1990. mine is broken and it seems to be a sealed unit so I can't get in there to fix. does anyone have one lurking? cheers
  7. XR 400 Coil

    Hi All Can you put a new HT lead in a Honda XR 400 coil or are they sealed in ?
  8. Unsealed battery

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi. I have to charge up an unsealed battery from my new Dakar but there is hardly any acid in there. I know you top up with distilled water, but is this alone ok or do I nead to add some acid? Cheers.
  9. A Yank builds a chain oiler

    Bodgers Corner
    I finished my chainoiler bodge. I put 200 miles on it today and it works surprisingly well. What it ISN'T is pretty. My bike is a 1990 Transalp with many Africa Twin bits. It's like this because the ATs were never imported to cruiser-happy America and poor sods like us have to build our own...
  10. Trail Tech Vapor

    Just wondering if anybody else out there has the same problem as me. The ambient temperature sensor is over reading by 5-10 degrees C when it's been used for a while. I spoke to trail tech and they said it's a common fault on this model, because it's a sealed unit, they are having problems...
  11. Centech Auxiliary Power Fuse Panel

    Product Reviews
    This is a great piece of kit that I bought whilst in the States a couple of years ago for $45 (about £30 at the time) but it is available online. Basically it’s an additional fuse box that enables you to quickly and easily power any additional accessories you want to put on your bike. I...
  12. Best all weather riding gear

    First sorry for an other jacket thread but things do "evolve" . So now that my Hein Gereke prosport jacket has fallen to bits (18 moths old ) I've been looking at several jackets and pants for adventure riding (and commuting daily). I'm trying to find a set that can be used from in summer and...
  13. NEW 30 litre Aluminum Panniers for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    A pair of Aluminum Panniers for sale, 2mm thick ally (box and lid) with lockable catches. The boxes are sealed with rubber trim to make them water proof. Brushed finish. 400 x 210 x 360 mm. £195 for the pair. Delivery £16 Steve
  14. Things I think I need to do......

    and would like any comments on. :D . Its a range of ideas to set the TA up for next year, and give options as well. Things I'd like the bike to do: The full season of UK rallies, probably by trailer. Christmas and National meets. Erzberg "Konigsclasse", again probably by trailer. End to End...
  15. sealing rusty tank

    Mechanical Advice
    Has anybody sealed a rusty tank? If yes, what method, brand, successful, cost... Have a tank from a Suzuki that has been stood outdside under tarp for a couple of years, must have had water in tank lowest points corotted. Its been stripped (parts not paint), welded, touched up, oven dried now...
  16. Can't make National.

    Sorry but i wont be able to make it to the National meet now. Was riding back to Plymouth from Portsmouth on Thu evening and had a problem with the bike. Firstly a horrible stink of rotten eggs and then i lost all electrics. Pulled over and took the seat off to see steam comming from the sealed...
  17. Re: 2002 AT RD07 For Sale

    Re: 2002 AT RD07 For Sale Dave S when does this auction End Its getting very confusing Wouldnt sealed bids to the seller by a set date be easier thanks Phil
  18. Viagra - where is it?

    Where do you hide your stache of Viagra when travelling? I have a couple of places - one is in that open (frame) tube which connects one side to the other(above the riders footpegs, below the seat), sealed with a couple of rubber bungs. It's always handy when you see the possibility of a...
  19. Givi Engine bars and Pannier Racks

    My Little job this weekend was to fit the engine bars (before I drop it again) and the pannier racks that Yeti has very kindly let me have. First the Panniers: Started by taking off everything I could unscrew. Topbox and topbox plate, with the grey load rack (?not sure if that is the right...
  20. Tyres ...

    This has probably been done to death, but ... Has anyone tried ContiEscapes on a transalp ? Another similarly priced tyre is the Pirelli Scorpion MT90 AT - any thoughts - they are std fit on KTM 950 and have alot of work to do on them so should last well on a trannie. I guess I want an 80/20...